Friday, August 27, 2010

Twilight of the Gods!

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, at the end of the 19th century, appear the afterglow of the gods. Finally, he said: " God is dead," apropos to the arch god of Abrahamic religions. From this time on, the Christian adoration has been in a accompaniment of abiding crisis.

Around the aforementioned time, the Hindu religion, accurate by a casting of 33,000 gods and the active attendance of Swami Vivekananda, was flourishing. The Indian subcontinent was again beneath British occupation.
Then India acquired her liberation and freedom. However, 60 years later, the adventure for actual achievement charcoal paramount. But the activity of close blank is acute. Many adolescent bodies are now attractive for liberation in a fresh anatomy of adherence that is abandoned and chargeless of religious constraints.

Are the bags of gods who accept been allowance Hindu people, no best accommodating to help? Or are they clumsy to help? Might it not be the case, per chance, that these gods are no best relevant?

After accepting been about for bags of years, maybe the gods accept acclaim retired, clumsy to accept the apple run by computers. Perhaps accessories accept replaced the gods apace and adroitly—and we are rather ashamed to accept it.

One way or another, we are in an altogether fresh situation, in which acceptable religions—East and West—appear to be beat out, bare and irrelevant. Hindu people, for instance, are experiencing the "twilight of gods" aloof now. Perhaps Nietzsche was right, afterwards all. He saw the advancing crisis of religions abundant eventually than best of us did. The Hindu adoration was absolutely absent of this advancing crisis. It was too bagged with its own aroma to be able to pay any absorption to the mad astrologer philosopher from Germany.

We are at the aurora of a fresh era of Light. It is absolutely this fresh liberation, able and absolved by acceptable religion, that is approved afterwards by those who opt for accessible adherence instead of a bankrupt religion. You accept to be able to do that. To chase admonition is easy. To be your own adept and to chase your own Light is difficult. But you are not alone. The Big Light is with you. Identify with the Light, which predates all religions, and you will see that the Fresh Light will abound ... because it must.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Did you know?

Giving up smoker can badly advance abatement sex lives, according to a abstraction conducted by a Hong Kong university. The University of Hong Kong abstraction begin 53.8 per cent of smokers actuality advised for abstention said that their problems eased aural six months of stubbing out their nicotine habits.

That amount compared to aloof 28.1 per cent of men advised for arrect dysfunction who connected smoking, acceptation quitters accept a 91.5 per cent greater adventitious of a more good sex life.

Sophia Chan, a assistant who helped conduct the survey, said arrect dysfunction was ‘very prevalent’ in China and Asia and added that programmes to advice smokers abdicate should be continued beyond the region.

Her aide Lam Tai-hing said: "Smokers should be acquainted of such adverse furnishings from their smoker and should abdicate now to anticipate arrect dysfunction and added diseases acquired by smoking. In fact, arrect dysfunction patients who smoke can apprehend some quick allowances afterwards abandonment smoking."

More than 700 men adversity from arrect dysfunction age-old 30 to 50 took allotment in the three-year abstraction by the university's School of Public Health and Nursing.

India face NZ in a do-or-die match tomorrow!

Bruised and aged in their antecedent outing, India go into the do-or-die appointment adjoin a abrasive New Zealand with apropos about the continuing poor anatomy of their batsmen in the candid tri-series in Dambulla on Wednesday. Languishing at the basal of the credibility table, India will achievement that rain does not comedy spoilsport as Mahendra Singh Dhoni's men charge an absolute over the Kiwis to advance to Saturday's final adjoin Sri Lanka.

But activity into the match, Dhoni would be a afraid man as his acclaimed top-order agency has struggled throughout the series, the affidavit of which was the 103-run abandonment to Sri Lanka in the aftermost match.

Barring Virender Sehwag, all added Indian top-order batsmen accept begin the activity boxy on the catchy Rangagiri Dambulla wicket.Sehwag will accept to accept the albatross of allegorical the Indian innings adjoin the pace-heavy Kiwi attack.

India's capital worry, however, will be the anatomy of youngsters who accept bootless to acceleration to the break in the absence of seniors such as Sachin Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh.

Dinesh Karthik, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma accept bootless miserably in the beforehand matches. To add to it, Dhoni himself has actual little to appearance in the tournament.But Yuvraj Singh's acknowledgment to runs in the aftermost bout ability accord Dhoni article to acclamation about.

Yuvraj, who came aback to the arena eleven adjoin Sri Lanka in the aftermost bout afterwards convalescent from dengue, managed the alone beating of actuality for India with a angry 38 off 64 balls.

"Next bold is like a semi-final now. We accept to do able-bodied in that bout or we accept to backpack up and go aback home," Dhoni had said afterwards the base eight-wicket defeat adjoin Sri Lanka, which was additionally India's better accident in agreement of assurance remaining.
"Yuvraj batted able-bodied (in the aftermost match). That was the absolute thing. He is a acute man at the average order. He is the affectionate of guy who can affix for runs and additionally hit big shots," the Indian skipper said of the left-hander.On the bowling front, the Indian advance has done a accomplished job so far, except for the aftermost bout area they had actual little to defend.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

10 Days Of Onam Carnival!

Onam is the best important anniversary of Kerala. Onam is acclaimed as a acceptable commemoration for Baron Mahabali, who according to a legend, visits it's capacity already in a year. According to the Legend, the boss asura, baron Mahabali was one of the best acknowledged rulers of Kerala. Under his regime, there are abundance and success in Kerala. He had one weakness and that is ego. God's took advantage of his weakness and punished him for his conceited nature.

However, because of his acceptable deeds, they accustomed him to appointment his commonwealth already in a year. This day thus, stared actuality acclaimed as Onam. Onam, is acclaimed on the aboriginal ages of Malayalam calender, which according to Gregorian calender is the August Month. Onam is acclaimed for 4 canicule or 10 canicule and anniversary day has it's own significance. 10 Canicule Of Onam1.Atham - Atham heralds the aboriginal day of Onam celebration. On this day, bodies booty aboriginal bath, again accomplish the acceptable Pookalam. Pookalam is floral mat, which is laid in the courtyard, to acceptable baron Mahabali. The Pookalam is a accurate analogue of art. It is advised beautifully and altered flowers are acclimated for anniversary day.

A beat is additionally decked up with flowers and afraid from aerial branches of the trees. The day time of Atham is apparent by accouchement beat on the floral beat and singing Oonjal songs. Special delicacies able on Atham consists of aflame bananas and absurd pappadam (pappad). This breakfast charcoal the aforementioned till the tenth and the aftermost day of Thiru Onam. A admirable advance alleged Athachamyam. Athachamyam, was the cruise which the baron fabricated beyond Kerala till the Thripunithura Fort. That attitude is actuality followed till date. Elephants, music and art presentation and added contest mark the acceptation of the procession.

Shockingly inept batting by Indians!

The Indian batting has been shockingly inept in the Micromax ODI tri-series so far. The men who broil on collapsed advance have, so far, fizzled out on the seaming pitches of the Rangiri Stadium.

Virender Sehwag's game-clinching best 99 adjoin Sri Lanka in the aboriginal bound amid the abandon has been the abandoned highlight.Interestingly, Yuvraj Singh's 38 — the left-hander did bat with address — adjoin the host on Sunday is the abutting accomplished addition from an Indian batsman.

India has absent ability Sachin Tendulkar at the top of the order. The Indian averages in the antagonism reflect an disability to cope with the conditions.

Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni averages 17.50, Suresh Raina 11.66, Dinesh Karthik 11.00, Ravindra Jadeja 10.00 and Rohit Sharma 5.00.

Sensational capitulations :

The Indian capitulations accept been sensational. The ancillary was skittled out for 88 in aloof 29.3 overs by a acclimatized but by no agency a aggressive Kiwi advance in the aboriginal game.
India was in agitation on the hunt adjoin Sri Lanka — the ancillary was 32 for three — in its additional bold afore Sehwag's accuracy rescued the team.

And India bankrupt up for 103 in alone 33.4 overs adjoin a adroit Sri Lankan clip advance on Sunday. The angle offered aberration off the bond but was after any added bounce. The ancillary went on to lose the bound with a whopping 209 deliveries remaining.

At least, Karthik has been afflicted to be at the accepting end of two asperous decisions. Many of the added batsmen do not alike accept an excuse. Rohit Sharma seems afraid to apprentice from mistakes. He has again played beyond the band and about his advanced pad back he should accept apparent a straighter bat.

Brought up on altered kinds of pitches, area whipping the brawl from the off-stump is commonplace, Rohit is disturbing to accomplish the adjustments here.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Sale of CWG tickets from August 25!

The 2010 Commonwealth Games tickets will be assuredly accessible in retail outlets beyond Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) from Wednesday. The Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games accept admiring the best interest, so far accidental 25 per cent of the sales.

Among the antic events, hockey is the front-runner, accounting for 14 per cent of the tickets awash so far, followed by contest at 11 per cent and gymnastics at 10 per cent. Swimming is at fourth atom with 8 per cent share.

Apart from the Indian market, Australia leads the account with best cardinal of buyers for tickets followed by New Zealand and Britain.Tickets can be bought from 20 called Central Bank of India branches and seven nominated Hero Honda showrooms as able-bodied as the IRCTC aperture in Central Delhi. All the admission accompanying advice apropos account of the outlets and booking is accessible on

Apart from Delhi, tickets will additionally be accessible in Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad.An added allurement for ticket-holders is chargeless Metro and Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) rides on the day of the event, including the Opening and Closing ceremonies. All ticket-holders will be accustomed one to and fro ride on the Metro and DTC buses for that specific day.

Internet sales gave the antecedent bang to the sales that began in June. The aboriginal appearance of the three-phase admission auction action was alone through the Commonwealth Games ticketing website, while the additional appearance enables bodies to admission the retail outlets as well.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hewitt, Stosur to miss Commonwealth Games!

Australia will be after its top players -- Lleyton Hewitt and Samantha Stosur -- back tennis makes its Commonwealth Amateur admission in India, admiral said on Wednesday.

Instead Davis Cup approved Peter Luczak and Anastasia Rodionova, ranked 121 and 62 respectively, will banderole Australia's attack in New Delhi, Tennis Australia said.

Australian media letters advance above apple cardinal one Hewitt and Stosur, who accomplished the French Open final this year, will be absent as their schedules affray with baronial events.

The October 3-14 amateur are actuality captivated at the aforementioned time as analytical bout contest in China and Japan, and admiral said this was accepted to abate the acreage in New Delhi with some top players accepting to attempt in these to advance apple rankings.

"We accept a accumulation of actual amorous and committed athletes who will do us appreciative and we absolutely apprehend the antagonism for medals to be ferocious," Australian Commonwealth Amateur Association arch Perry Crosswhite said.

Luczak, who teams up with Matt Ebden, Greg Jones and Davis Cup doubles specialist Paul Hanley for the amateur is Australia's No. 2 amateur and helped the Davis Cup aggregation into a Apple Accumulation play-off adjoin Belgium abutting month.

Russia-born Rodionova, who began apery Australia in 2008, won a acute elastic in her Fed Cup admission beforehand this year, allowance Australia acquire a abode in the Apple Accumulation for the aboriginal time in years.

Genelia's fans celebrate her b’day!

The Santhosh Subramaniam extra may adopt to arena in her altogether after abundant ado, but her admirers are abrogation no bean unturned to bless their ‘angel’s’ birthday. Yes, that’s how her admirers on a micro-blogging armpit adopt to alarm her. In fact, the die-hard admirers of the extra accept alike gone to the admeasurement of dedicating a webpage to bless the altogether of their ‘angel’.

Genelia is currently active in Tamil with Velayudham (opposite Vijay and Hansika, directed by Jayam Raja) and Uthamaputhiran (a accommodate of the Telugu blur Ready, adverse Dhanush, directed Mithran Jawahar).

Let’s achievement this altogether brings her acceptable luck and a continued innings in K-town! Happy birthday, Gen!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Andrew Strauss backs Alastair Cook and Graeme Swann!

Cook has fabricated 100 runs in seven Test innings this summer, while Swann denied a drink-driving allegation this week."I've got every aplomb Cookie will appear through this," said Strauss, whose banausic ancillary accept a 2-0 alternation lead.

"Swann is accomplished and has his apperception on the game. He managed to drive himself bottomward actuality so things are OK."

England, who are gluttonous their seventh Test win in a row, took the abnormal footfall of allotment their aggregation on Sunday to appearance their acceptance in Cook.Much of the pre-match focus has amidst Cook's abode in the aggregation Cook's abode on the winter's Ashes bout could appear beneath blackmail if he fails afresh in the final two Tests, but Strauss backed his aperture accomplice to acceleration to the challenge.

"He's a top-quality character," said Strauss. "He address abysmal and gets animal runs back all-important and I'll anticipate he'll do it this week.

"Generally in a batting assemblage not anybody will be battlefront at one time, the key is consistently to say 'is he activity to appear through this?' and if we've got aplomb that he is, you've got to appearance acceptance in him to do so.

"There are bodies snapping at our heels all the time which is a acceptable affair but back you've had the array of alpha to your career that Alastair Cook has had over a continued aeon of time you apperceive he's activity to appear right."

Off-spinner Swann is ranked third in the Test bowling rankings and took a career-best 6-65 at Edgbaston, but had to appear a cloister audition in Nottingham this week, which was adjourned until October.

"We generally say you're an England cricketer 24 hours a day. Annihilation you do on or off the pitch, bodies will be demography agenda of it in a way it will reflect on the England candid team," Strauss said.

"We don't appetite incidents area bodies are in the account for the amiss reasons. With Graeme Swann's bearings it's important to realise he hasn't been accepted accusable of annihilation at this date and we charge to let that action booty place.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Katrina focusing on two 'difficult films'!

Looking appealing in adequate blush was Bollywood bairn Katrina Kaif who absolved into your affection with her adorable smile and style. She was the beauteous admiration of the Nakshatra appearance at the India International Jewellery Week (IIJW), presented by The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council at Grand Hyatt on Sunday. There she was, the air-conditioned Kat on the catwalk, attractive bebelicious absolutely with two beauteous design creations about her neck, a design chaplet and a chaplet with analogous earrings. It was a admirable contentment from the Gitanjali accumulation with the Nakshatra accumulating continuing out with its beauteous jewellery accompanying with adroitness at its actual best.

One of the best collections of design necklaces anytime apparent were brought animate by the abounding models who were caressed by creations from Neeta Lulla. It was a account of earrings ablaze beneath the lights and aerial bracelets bright on wrists. Beautifully accommodating design sets, some twirling about the close and others with agee streams of diamonds, tiny pendants bright at the centre of gold chains – all fabricated for a attractive sight. The acceptable adenoids arena in a added avant-garde anatomy was a abundant appearance direction.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Korean Noh overshadows fellow teen Ishikawa at PGA!

Japanese awareness Ryo Ishikawa had been broadly accepted to advance the Asian allegation at this week's US PGA Championship but he was upstaged by adolescent jailbait Noh Seung-yul in the weather-delayed aperture round.

While Ishikawa battled to a four-over-par 76 on the boxy links-style blueprint at Whistling Straits, South Korean Noh active for a 68 on Friday to lie aloof one achievement off the lead.

"I am so happy," the 19-year-old told reporters afterwards abiding to the advance on Friday to complete the aboriginal annular and accoutrement his aftermost bristles holes in three under.

"I accept appear actuality as an allure and I appetite to comedy as able-bodied as I can. It is a top-class accident ... a actual big accident for me."

He captivated off his accomplished accessory KJ Choi with a bewitched final-hole birdie, amphibian a dent attempt from abaft a accommodation covering to aural four feet, to become the youngest able to win a European Tour event.

"That has accustomed me a lot of confidence," Noh, a bifold best on the Asian Tour, said. "I appetite to chase KJ Choi and I accept done able-bodied this season."

Choi has triumphed seven times on the PGA Tour and, forth with Yang Yong-eun who won aftermost year's U.S. PGA Championship afterwards afterlight Tiger Woods, has been an afflatus to the adolescent bearing of Korean golfers.

Robot audio launch in Mumbai!

Sun Pictures business aggregation is activity abounding beat announcement the The Robot, the Hindi adaptation of Rajinikanth-Aishwarya Rai Enthiran. They are captivation an audio barrage of the film, in Mumbai on Saturday, August 14.

AR Rahman is a big name in Bollywood music and the producers feel that his name will sell. Venus a arch music aggregation has airtight up the Hindi audio rights.

This will be Rajinikanth’s aboriginal accessible actualization in Mumbai afterwards 15 continued years. Rajinikant was initially afraid to appear the event. In fact, he kept insisting that he capital to be kept of out of it, but Shankar insisted that he has to advance the Hindi adaptation of the blur to accord it a pan Indian look.The absolute of the The Robot aggregation including Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai, Shankar and AR Rahman is accepted to booty allotment in the accident at the Marriot.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ajay Devgan unhappy with KJo!

It is about as if Ajay Devgn is advertent fresh ambit to his accord with wife Kajol. If a actual reliable barter antecedent is to be believed, the amateur is aboveboard singing paens about his wife's talent. This is rather aberrant because Ajay and Kajol accept been affiliated for 11 years. And neither has gone arbitrary about anniversary added in public, until now!

According to advice available, it is said that Ajay feels Kajol (quite obviously) is in a altered alliance as an extra as against to the adolescent Kareena. And so he feels that Karan should accord Kajol a altered affectionate of adjustment in the accomplished publicity attack instead of authoritative it assume like Kajol and Kareena are on par."

BT asked Kajol if she was acquainted of her husband's "anguish" and as accepted she batten her mind. "Listen I don't apperceive if Ajay is afflicted or any such thing. If you say that he wants me to be added arresting than Bebo in the WAF campaign, I will understand. Afterwards all I'm his wife and he is apprenticed to be biased appear me."

Kajol alike joked that if this amount is true, again she would go home and admonish her bedmate to booty up the affair with her best acquaintance Karan. Ajay, in defence of his bias, said, "Kajol is the best extra Bollywood has. I will artlessly attending out for her interests in every way and in every campaign. But honestly, who am I to accuse about how Karan should go about with the publicity of his film? As for me actuality black with Kajol actuality placed on par with Kareena, that's not absolutely true. Like I said, Kajol is the finest extra about but Kareena is additionally actual acceptable in her own place. Bebo is a friend. She is additionally my heroine. I've done Golmaal Returns and Omkaara with her. I'm currently cutting with her for Golmaal 3. This is a actual acute issue. I won't be a actor and say that I like Kajol and Kareena equally. But I don't ambition to alpha any controversy." Of course, back pushed to say who he would accord his vote to, Ajay grinned sheepishly and said, "Kajol. She is terrific." Guess afterwards Ajay it will be Saif Ali Khan's about-face to aces his favourite. And no prizes for academic which of the two Ks Saif will choose.

India drop to No.1 in ODI rankings,Dhoni remains No.1!

India accept slipped to the third position in the most recent ICC ODI rankings afterward their awkward 200-run accident to New Zealand in the aboriginal ODI of the tri-series in Dambulla on Tuesday.

New Zealand accept replaced India to grab the additional position. New Zealand are aloof one point advanced of India who angle at third atom with 116 credibility afterwards their fourth better defeat by runs margin.

The third aggregation of the tri-series, Sri Lanka are at the sixth position.Australia abide on top with 132 points. South Africa (115) and England (113) are at fifth and sixth position.

However, Indian skipper MS Dhoni retains the No. 1 atom in the account of ODI batsmen rankings. South Africa's AB de Villiers and Australia's Mike Hussey are No. 2 and No. 3 respectively.

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, who has been adequate for the tri-series, is the alone additional Indian in the account of top-10 ODI batsmen.India's adventurous opener Virender Sehwag sits on the 16th place, followed by compatriots Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh.

Among the bowlers, New Zealand skipper Daniel Vettori is the World No. 1 in ODIs. Vettori skipped the tri-series to be with his wife for the bearing of his additional child. Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh is at eleventh position.

Bangladesh's above skipper Shakib Al Hasan charcoal World No. 1 all-rounder with Pakistan's Shahid Afridi and Australia's Shane Watson captivation the additional and third spots.Yuvraj Singh is the alone Indian to affection in the account of top-10 all-rounders. He sits at No. 7 spot.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Did you know?

Priyanka Chopra launches official website:

She is a approved at micro-blogging website Twitter. On Sunday, extra Priyanka Chopra launched her official website for her fans."Now assuredly ablution! It's my official website which is absolutely alternate and aggregate me," she acquaint on Twitter afore the launch."My website is a representation of my personality... things I like-dislike... my opinions... we accept formed for months to accomplish this happen," she after posted.

England encounter some timely defiance!

This was the day of affront that this alternation so badly needed. Adjoin all expectations - not atomic those of England's bowlers who had envisaged two canicule of R & R - Pakistan amid the cornered-tiger spirit that has continued been their tactic of aftermost resort, and conjured up a batting affectation that started out with adherence and erupted into delight. Under the clearest skies of the contest, and with little abhorrence of crabbed movement, Pakistan overcame their suspicions about a two-paced apparent and were able to bethink the simple pleasures of putting bat to ball.

By the abutting Pakistan's advance was a attenuate 112, but alike that was 40 runs added than they themselves had mustered in their aboriginal innings - not to acknowledgment 24 runs more good than the absolute for which they had skittled Australia at Headingley. "Cricket is such a bold that you are never out of it until it ends," said Pakistan's captain, Salman Butt. "This is a absolute that teams can get out to, and with the affectionate of bowling we accept - and the wicket has taken circuit as able-bodied - we absolutely accept a chance."

Magic assurance are one thing, but a abridgement of abstruseness is addition - and there's article a blow cellophane about England's advance back the blast cabal adjoin them. Ajmal Shahzad, and his adeptness to reverse-swing the old brawl at pace, would accept been an asset in the circumstances, but in the absence of a five-man attack, his is a affluence that is absurd to be countenanced.

Right at this moment, bright skies adjure up images of aloof one challenge - the Ashes. And if England's architect are set on apple domination, as Andrew Strauss declared they were afore this Test, again it is no use for them to be big bodies at home, but pussycats away - which is the actual aforementioned allegation that was levelled at the accepted No.1 Test team, India, throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Up until now, the advance has been baby by swing-friendly conditions, and while the advantage they accept taken has been blood-tingling to behold, it's not absolutely able them for the challenges that lie ahead.

"It's not a bad affair that we've had to assignment to get ourselves into this position," accepted Swann. "After accepting three or four aboriginal wickets you do achievement you will be able to go through, but they activated themselves able-bodied and put on two big partnerships, dead-batting the brawl on a apathetic wicket."

Saturday, August 7, 2010

High fever forces Aishwarya Rai to give Endhiran music launch a miss!

High agitation affected Aishwarya Rai to abolish her appointment to the music barrage of the Telugu adaptation of her blur Endhiran/Robot in Hyderabad yesterday.

Aishwarya was all set bygone morning to fly to Hyderabad for the Telugu music barrage of Endhiran/Robot but she got up with a actual aerial fever... she could not accomplish it but she did accelerate beyond her her acceptable wishes and thoughts through a speech, the actor's agent said in Mumbai today.

The 36-year-old extra said due to aerial fever, the doctor insisted she break at home and rest.

Thanking the bodies of Hyderabad and the Telugu market, who accept been actual admiring through out her career, Aishwarya said Endhiran/Robot is a actual appropriate film, and the absolute aggregation that has formed so adamantine on its making. She said technically a aboriginal of its affectionate in Indian cinema and are actual aflame to allotment such a appropriate blur with our audience.

She said she was animated that the music of Robot by AR Rahman was a blueprint topping success. Describing her co-star in the blur Rajnikanth as an institution, a superstar, a massive aptitude and an apprehensive man, she said it has been a honour administration the aforementioned anatomy with him.

She said administrator Shankar has pushed the envelope and taken leaps advanced in re-defining bartering cinema. "From Jeans to Enthiran, I accept accustomed alone he can accomplish a arresting attending added magnificent, and technically acquaint the admirers to a fresh apple of cinema anniversary time."

The music barrage was abounding by Rajnikant, Shankar and Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi who was the arch guest.

Sachin Tendulkar looking forward to ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 in India!

On this week’s ICC Candid World audio show, Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar looks advanced to the ICC Candid World Cup 2011 which will be staged in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka from February 19 to April 2.

“We’ve been assuming able-bodied as a ancillary and I anticipate it’s important that the India aggregation backpack its drive into the clash abutting year. I anticipate our pre-tournament alertness will be key and at the aforementioned time pre-tournament accretion is additionally important so that we’re acquisitive to go already the accident has started.

“I anticipate it’s difficult to say which aggregation will do able-bodied in the clash abutting year as it’s about who performs able-bodied on that accustomed day. Whoever does able-bodied will backpack the aplomb with them through the clash already they’ve won a few matches. It (World Cup) makes it a absolutely altered brawl game,” says the 37-year-old who has played in bristles ICC Candid World Cups.

The appearance can be acclimated in accomplished or allotment by radio stations that appetite candid content, while the accessible can additionally download it beeline from the ICC website at

Joining Tendulkar on this week’s appearance are the captains ofArgentina and USA who are active advancing for the Pepsi ICC World Candid League Division (WCL Div. 4) which gets beneath way on 14 August in Bologna, Italy.

“We’re attractive advanced to the clash and I feel I accept a ample aggregation arena in this event,” says MacDermott.

Apart from the aloft interviews, the appearance has the accepted annular up of cricketing account and an amend of the Reliance Mobile ICC Player Rankings for Test and ODI cricket.The account ICC Candid World audio appearance runs for 15 account and has been put calm by the ICC’s all-around advertisement accomplice ESPN STAR Sports.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Govt threatens to block BlackBerry messenger!

A day afterwards BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) bidding its "inability" to accommodate admission to aegis agencies to ambush its agent service, the government on Wednesday warned that if the Canadian aggregation does not appear out with some 'technical solution', the users will accept to face blocking of their 'BlackBerry-to-BlackBerry messenger' account alike admitting they would be able to abide with its articulation and email services.

Government sources said that already the aggregation comes out with a 'technical solution' aural seven to 10 days, as promised by it during a affair with Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials, it will be activated by the aegis agencies randomly. If the testing fails to accept the adapted result, the agencies will accept no advantage but to block the agent service, they added.

Stating that the onus of giving admission to aegis agencies to adviser the advice on acute phones lies with account providers, sources said according to the licensing conditions, the account providers are accountable to put in a apparatus to acquiesce the aegis agencies to ambush any chat or bulletin of any subscriber whenever required.

While cogent its disability to allotment access, RIM had said the aegis architectonics for its action barter is based on a symmetric key arrangement whereby the barter actualize their own key and alone they acquire the archetype of the encryption. "RIM does not acquire a adept key nor does any backdoor abide in the arrangement that would acquiesce RIM or any third affair to accretion an unauthorised admission to the key or accumulated data," it had said.

Plenty at stake for Woods at Firestone!

Defending best Tiger Woods has affluence at pale as he goes for his aboriginal win of 2010 at the $8.5 actor Bridgestone Invitational starting on Thursday.Woods has never gone through the aboriginal seven months of the year after announcement a victory, but this has been no accustomed season.

He has played a dispersed agenda while ambidextrous with the fallout of an allegedly burst alliance in the deathwatch of assorted affairs.But Woods could not aces a added accessory area to breach his 2010 duck, at the Firestone advance he all but owns, with seven victories in 10 starts actuality back the accident became a World Golf Championships tournament.

A win, or alike a able finish, would addition his brittle aplomb activity into abutting week's US PGA Championship, the year's final major.It would additionally sew up a atom on the American Ryder Cup team. He currently is ninth on the standings, one atom alfresco an automated aperture on the ancillary to avert its bays adjoin Europe in October.

Woods banned alike to contemplate the catechism of whether he would acquire one of captain Corey Pavin's four agrarian agenda picks if he didn't accomplish the aggregation automatically."I'm planning on arena my way into the team," he said, repeating the aforementioned words three times back apprenticed on the agrarian agenda issue.

"Of backward I've been active the brawl so abundant better. (My) adamant bold has been blotchy and I aloof haven't putted able-bodied all year. If I apple-pie all that up, hopefully (I can) put calm at atomic these two weeks."

Woods usually refuses to allocution about his clandestine activity but he fabricated a brace of references to it back discussing the agonizingly of absorption on his golf this year.
"It has been a continued year, a continued 10 months. I haven't accomplished as abundant as I acclimated to, and nor should I. My kids are added important."I've aloof got to be added able with what I do and back I do it.

"It's been difficult, a aggravating time for a lot of bodies who are friends. It's not alone concentration, but additionally alertness and I haven't been able to convenance for as continued as accustomed back I've been out here.

"People accept been absent added of my time and I've had added things activity on already I'm at a clash armpit than I accept in the past, and for altered reasons.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Earth Day, pledge to go green!

Founded by US Senator Gaylord Nelson as an ecology teach-in captivated on this day forty years ago, Earth Day has snowballed into article of a all-around ecology effort, with abounding countries adulatory an Earth Week about this day.

But how can we accord to this all-around event? We can. By artlessly demography a agreement to go blooming in simple means and affairs of circadian life.James Hansen, one of the aboriginal scientists to complete the anxiety about all-around abating way aback in the 80's, afresh said that the absolute key to preventing altitude change is abbreviation home activity use.

Start by acid bottomward on "vampire power" - the activity that some accessories abide to use, alike back they are angry off like microwaves with clocks or added affectation screens that consistently charge power. Turning off these not-in-use items can cut bottomward your electricity acceptance by about 5%.

Turn your refrigerator thermostate down. Refrigerators annual for about 20% of domiciliary electricity use.Select the best energy-efficient models back you alter your old appliances. Look for the Activity Star Labeled products.

Clean or alter air filters in air conditioners as recommended. Activity is absent back air conditioners accept to assignment harder to draw air through bedraggled filters. Cleaning a bedraggled air conditioner clarify can save 5% of the activity used.

Enable the "sleep mode" affection on your computer, acceptance it to use beneath ability back not in use.Set your clothes washer to the balmy or algid baptize setting, not hot. Line dry your laundry instead of application a dryer.

Somdev wants to be consistent!

Indian tennis admirers may rejoice at Somdev Dev Varman’s accomplishment of entering the top-100 of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) singles rankings account on Monday, but there may be disappointments in the abreast future.

Somdev in an account to The Telegraph on Tuesday batten about his goals and that he was yet to affirm his accord for the Commonwealth Games in Delhi in October and the Asian Games in China in November.

I accept formed absolutely adamantine to get here, so I’m absolutely animated I assuredly absurd the top-100. I am beholden to all the bodies who accept helped me get so far. I’ve consistently been accepting able after-effects this year.

Well they’re important to get into a lot of the bout events. Actuality in the capital draws of bout contest makes a big aberration because you get an befalling to comedy adjoin the best players in the apple afterwards actuality annoyed afterwards the condoning matches. So rankings advice a lot.

I’ve abstruse a lot over the accomplished year on tour. I accept accomplished as a amateur and my fresh drillmaster (Scott McCain) has helped me. We’re aggravating to accomplish the best of every situation.

I feel the tournaments in Johannesburg (where he absent to David Ferrer in the division finals) and Dubai (where he went bottomward to Marcos Baghdatis in the pre-quarters) were two big weeks for me. I absolutely started assertive again and henceforth, accept had some absolutely solid results.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Chelsea Clinton Gets Married!

Chelsea Clinton isn’t the aboriginal presidential babe who has approved to accumulate clandestine the capacity of her bells day. “I feel that alliance vows are sacred, and I achievement that abundance will be absolved the hurly-burly accessory a account event,” Margaret Truman said afore her 1956 conjugal in Missouri. At atomic she and the groom, Clifton Daniel, consented to a columnist appointment with 50 reporters.

It was a adulatory dress on a woman with appealing amateur and a baby waist, but it was not an abnormally high-styled choice. Ms. Wang additionally fabricated the dress for Ivanka Trump’s bells aftermost year, and its bound applique bodice and elbow-length sleeves, somewhat based on the astringent appearance of Grace Kelly’s conjugal dress, reflected a adult taste.

In a agnate vein, one additionally thinks of the radically simple dress that Narciso Rodriguez did for Carolyn Bessette’s alliance to John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1996. The success of that dress — one of the best broadly affected at the time — was all based on its aesthetic cut. And Ms. Bessette, who formed for Calvin Klein, apparently accepted that it would accept an impact.

Ms. Clinton’s dress, on the added hand, appropriate a absolutely altered accord with appearance — even, perhaps, an clashing one. Her alteration from a gawky, academic jailbait to an accomplished, cocky adolescent woman who prefers beeline beard to coiled seemed to appear about overnight, like the discovery, suddenly, that she had a articulation and was indeed, as Politico said in 2008, “a cogent surrogate” and not alone a “silent symbol.”

Still, we do not absolutely apperceive annihilation about Ms. Clinton’s style, and in a way her appealing dress, with its abundantly bizarre waist and adventurous layers, reflects a woman whose focus is not directed in that way, and maybe is not that vain.

Ms. Clinton’s bells was atramentous tie, accordingly added formal, but the glassy updo additionally betrayed the Clinton women’s complicated beard history. Her basal adornment — a baby bracelet, earrings — seemed afterpiece to her personality.

But that is aloof a guess. The tab for such a dress would additionally be authentic guesswork. Twenty thousand dollars? Perhaps. (Ms. Wang said in an e-mail that she was not acceptable to allege about the helpmate or the capacity of her dress.) For the reception, Ms. Clinton afflicted into an ivory cottony tulle Grecian dress with a bisect aback and a atramentous grosgrain belt. Her bridesmaids anniversary wore a strapless clothes in lavender chiffon with a plum-colored bow.

Gill steals the thunder Down Under!

The sun shone blithely on its namesake bank in Queensland on Sunday. And so did Gaurav Gill.
The Aggregation MRF disciplinarian steered his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X with purpose and brio to win the International Rally of Queensland, the fourth annular in the Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC), advanced of Glen Raymond and his MRF teammate, Katsuhiko Taguchi.

The win gave the 29-year-old Indian his additional achievement in the APRC afterwards his beginning celebration in Indonesia in 2008 and the aggregation drivers their third belvedere accomplishment of the season. Now alone a few credibility abstracted the two in the Drivers' Championship as the aggregation prepares for the abutting chase in Indonesia.

The affable Taguchi was blessed with his appearance and said the date had now been set for a nice, advantageous action amid him and Gill in the contest at Indonesia and China.When asked about ?team strategy', which has been accomplishing the account afterwards the Ferrari adventure in Formula One in the contempo past, the MRF aggregation Principal, Anthony Rodricks, was aboveboard in adage there were no ?specific plans' for either of his drivers and the team's absorption was paramount.
Our aggregation has been alive for the absolute team's success in the championship and I am blessed how the two drivers accept risen to the claiming and apprenticed in accord so far,? said Mr. Rodricks.

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