Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Genelia D'Souza on the Fastrack!

Fastrack as a cast has consistently been associated with youth, their attitude and their access to live. It stands for aggregate that is adolescent and fresh. Is it any admiration again that they pin it bottomward to Genelia D'Souza to be their fresh cast ambassador? Yes! She is clearly 'Moving on'.

Genelia has alike afresh attempt for the bartering for the brand. The extra was on an alfresco shoot for a film, but the ad aggregation flew bottomward distinctively to complete the shoot with her. The photo shoot for the cast was agitated out by the acclaimed columnist Suresh Natrajan who has formed with Genelia afore for abounding of her added commercials. Well, the adolescent affair is absolutely a acerbity in the cast apple for sure.

Motorola Milestone Lands in India!

It was aloof a few canicule ago that we had agitated a address adage that, the Motorola Anniversary (or the Droid) is all set to accomplish its admission in India. Aloof a anniversary later, we accept anatomy anatomy Motorola apropos the same. Ladies and gentlemen, the Motorola Droid has absolutely landed in India and will be accepted as the Anniversary here. The closing is absolutely an apt name for the buzz primarily because it has been a anniversary accessory for Motorola who was on the border of shutting bottomward its absolute handsets accomplishment department. This was attributable to poor sales and connected bead in profits. With the Droid, Motorola has sprung aback to activity and the buzz has been a album in U.S. area it has to area of threats like the Google Nexus One and the all able iPhone.

Additional functionality and apps include:

•Full apartment of the Google applications: Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Talk,
•Unified Google, Microsoft Office and Facebook Contacts
•Navigation: GPS, MOTONAV turn-by-turn aeronautics with India maps1 & 6
•Email Support: IMAP, POP3, Gmail and Exchange
•IM Support: Google Talk
•Calendar: Exchange, syncs with Google Calendar
We accept talked about the Droid in detail beforehand too. However, lets booty a abrupt attending at the buzz in its Anniversary Avatar as well.

The Anniversary is claimed to be the one of the world's thinnest QWERTY sliders (13.7mm or 1.37cm). It has a hi-resolution (480*854), TFT affectation able of compression and zoom gestures. Being an Android device, it comes loaded with a apartment of Google adaptable applications including Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube. This is afar from the tonnes of apps and widgets from Android Market. In its Indian avatar, the Anniversary additionally packs in a lifetime chargeless admission to absolutely voice-guided street-level accessible maps of 401 Indian cities. This offers voice-guided aeronautics and acquisition in the cities and beyond above civic and accompaniment highways.

Lets now booty a attending at the accouterments specs of the device. It is powered by a actual able ARM Cortex A8 processor. This is the aforementioned processor that admiral the iPhone 3GS and the multimedia assertive that is the Omnia HD. It has a 5-megapixel camera at the rear with dual-LED flash, AutoFocus, and angel stabilization. It supports Stereo Bluetooth / BT 2.1, USB 2.0 High Speed and comes with a 3.5mm jack as well. Motorola's proprietary Crystaltalk technology too finds its way in. It comes preloaded with an 8GB anamnesis agenda - which can be replaced by a college accommodation one should the charge arise.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Katrina Kaif to freak out on camera!

Bollywood extra Katrina Kaif is accepted for her alluring roles but she hasn't beyond the curve so far. That doesn't beggarly she is a shy girl. This time, she has let the cat out of the bag by absolute that she would aberration out on camera.

Yes, Katrina said that she has been absent to aberration out and get agrarian on camera for a continued time. She added that she has got the adventitious to betrayal her adult ancillary through the account cardinal in Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan.It is said that her co-star Akshay Kumar has been teaching her the art of accident her inhibitions while dancing on camera.Wonder how Salman Khan will acknowledge to Katrina's most recent move!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rs. 1 crore superhero outfit for Shah Rukh!

It’s probably the most expensive body suit in Bollywood history, but Shah Rukh Khan will remember it for entirely different reasons. Shah Rukh, who plays a superhero in the Anubhav Sinha directed Ra.One, will be seen in the special body suit which was custom made for him in Los Angeles. The process involved in creating that suit was something the actor had never experienced before.

He was required to lower himself wearing just the bare essentials into a 12X3 chamber while a very warm liquid latex-like material was gradually released in it till it reached his neck. Then it was allowed to solidify. Once the mould was formed, it was slit from the side and slowly peeled off Shah Rukh. The whole painful process took one hour. The two sides were later joined together with a concealed zipper. The mould was then taken for further modifications to form the final suit he’ll be seen wearing in the film.

“The suit is steel blue in colour and made of a special material like reinforced latex, meant to provide both flexibility and protection. It acts as a tough exoskeleton to minimise external injury while being flexible enough not to hamper body movement while performing stunts. But it didn’t come cheap - the suit, fitted with micro-computer circuitry required for the film, cost nearly Rs 1 crore,” says a source.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

IPL fever continues with Shilpa Shetty!

Shilpa Shetty has been going through a really bad time! Well we are talking about her health. The actress who is down with flu has refused to rest at home when her team is set to fight with Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders.

The owner of Rajasthan Royals, Shilpa Shetty, can’t rest when her team is on the ground. Despite suffering from flu, Shilpa chose to be with her team at Ahmedabad. “I have been bitten by the flu bug but am still high on life! I am coughing my lungs out, sound like Raza Murad, still I’ll scream for my team Rajasthan Royals” said Shilpa who landed to Ahmedabad on Saturday afternoon to cheer for her team.

Unlike Shah Rukh Khan, Shilpa has been traveling with her team everywhere. Shilpa wants to be fine before their next match which is on Wednesday March 24 at Mohali. Their next match will be with Preity Zinta’s Kings XI Paunjab. It can be recalled that few days back Preity Zinta was also down with fever and sore throat. We hope Shilpa gets well soon before Rajsthan Royal’s next match!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shankar's Endhiran nearing completion!

Shankar’s magnum opus Endhiran has been making headlines for past 3 years and is now close on the heels of completion. With the film’s production cost crossing the above-the-line of 100Crs, Shankar is busy now working on a stunt sequence in Chennai now. A particular sequence, where Rajinikanth bashes down the baddies and moves of out a place along with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is being shot in Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam. Director Shankar during the audio launch of his production Rettai Suzhi reported that few sequences are still pending and will be completed by next month. Peter Hein and his crew have been choreographing the stunt sequences and Aishwarya Rai has camped in Chennai for past couple of weeks. On pars, she’ll be shooting for Manirathnam’s Raavana as well. Meanwhile, A.R. Rahman is working continuously on background score for the scenes that have been already shot and processed through post production works.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

War game-God Of War 3!

If you came to this review looking for answers to questions like, "Is this game worth buying?", then I won't waste your time and will come straight to the point. You should definitely buy God Of War 3. If you don't have a PS3, buy one and then buy God Of War 3 and play till your thumbs bleed.Yes, our favorite ancient Greek citizen is back and he is angrier than ever. Ladies and gentlemen, for the fourth time, say hello to Kratos. After killing countless foes in the previous games and painting the town red with their blood, Kratos is back for more and this time he has none other than the King of Gods Himself - Zeus - as the target. Apparently the news that Zeus is actually his father has done little to reduce his hatred towards him and he would still like nothing more than to skewer him on his Blades of Chaos and eat him for lunch; that's how badass he is.
The story picks up exactly where God Of War 2 left us hanging. Kratos, after slaughtering the Sisters of Fate and successfully changing his fate from being killed by Zeus, and nearly killing Zeus himself, is now climbing Mount Olympus. He does so with his new gang of friends, also known as the Titans, who are only slightly taller than your average human by, say, a couple of thousand feet. They all want Zeus killed because of something really bad that he did (like try to kill them all) and unsurprisingly Zeus is not happy with this. Well, Zeus too has his own gang of friends, also known as the Greek Gods, who will help him defeat the gigantic Titans and the not-so-gigantic-in-size-but-still-a-gigantic-pain-in-the-ass Kratos.

You will encounter the full army of Greek Gods in this game. Starting from Poseidon, to Helios, Hades, Hephaestus and Hermes to name a few. Very early on in the game, Kratos realizes that the Gods are not his only enemies. It seems Gaia, the Titan, who had helped Kratos in the second game in his fight against Zeus only used him to reach Zeus and has no intention of letting Kratos kill him all by himself. So now not only is Kratos battling against the Gods, but his only allies. This would have been a big problem for anyone else. But Kratos, being Kratos, takes the situation in his stride and decides to fight his battle all alone, destroying anyone who gets in his path.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shruti Hassan in Walt Disney's fantasy flick!

After a rather lacklustre debut, Luck, Shruti Hassan has active addition film, this time in Telugu.The Walt Disney assembly is a fantasy blur appointed for absolution in January, 2011.The untitled cine additionally stars Siddharth of Rang De Basanti fame. It is actuality directed by National Award acceptable administrator Prakash Rao Kovelamudi.This fantasy chance blur is set in the apocryphal acreage of Sangarashtra.The news focuses on the adventure of a nine-year-old babe (Hrishitha) with appropriate healing admiral and her adventure to save Sangarashtra from the absolutism of an angry Queen, played by Lakshmi Manchu.Siddharth plays a dark swordsman who protects the little girl. Shruti plays a gypsy.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eight bodies go missing in Bihar graveyard!

Today's abomination book includes the camp case of eight bodies dematerialization from a graveyard in Bihar's Purnia district. The villagers are abashed and one aborigine alike claimed that it was not the aboriginal time that such an adventure was happening. Meanwhile, in a beginning aberration to the IIT Delhi annihilation case, the Himachal badge accept tracked bottomward Pragati Tibberwal’s killer, that additionally through the accepted amusing networking appointment Facebook. In added cases, an inter-state assemblage of agent thieves were nabbed, a Delhi cloister frees two Britons of plane-spotting and more. Read on."We begin that eight graves were dug up and the bodies missing," aborigine Ramavatar Sada said. Sada said the graveyard was acclimated by Dalits and added actual poor bodies to coffin their asleep as they could allow cher cremations.

"Only poor bodies accept active their asleep at the graveyard," Sada said. Another aborigine Pakhia Paswan said it was not the aboriginal time that bodies had gone missing from the graveyard. "In the aftermost one-and-a-half years, several bodies accept abolished from their graves here," Paswan said.Sada and Paswan said that villagers were in a bind over the dematerialization bodies. They said badge had been abreast but no activity was taken till date.

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Superstar Mohanlal under fire!

Sukumar Thursday asked Defence Minister A.K. Antony, who fabricated Mohanlal an honorary Lt. Colonel in the Territorial Army, for an explanation."Just because he has acted in a few films as an army administrator he was commissioned into the TA battalion. And now he uses that (his uniform) to advertise jewellery. Antony owes an account for this," Azhikode told reporters. Azhikode and Mohanlal accept been at loggerheads anytime back the above came out in the accessible to avert amateur Thilakan whose outbursts adjoin superstars led to his abeyance from the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA) on Monday.

"The accompaniment government should accredit a board to analyze about the abominable activities in AMMA area there are allegations of animal corruption demography place," said Azhikode. It was a abasement that Mohanlal was fabricated the cast agent to advance the use of Khadi articles by the Kerala government, he said." A being who endorses liquor is now acknowledging Khadi products. This is a abasement to Mahatma Gandhi," Azhikode said.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

IPL targets 80 licensing and merchandising deals this year

The Indian Premier League (IPL) expects to allowance 80 licensing and affairs deals as it aggressively pushes for revenues from this articulation this year.Four deals accept already been done and two added are to abutting soon, reveals IPL administrator and abettor Lalit Modi.The IPL had beforehand appear a tie up with Swiss watch cast Bandelier which launched its accumulating today.

Modi says that licensing and affairs is continued appellation in nature. “It takes about nine months for articles to hit the market. We are not absorbed in somebody artlessly slapping our logo assimilate products. We appetite ally who will actualize altered articles that represent our cast values. Bandelier has become the aboriginal licensee of the IPL. I am assertive that candid admirers from all over the apple will booty to the brand.”

Modi additionally antiseptic that this accord does not affray with the accord that the Kolkata Knight Riders accept done with Tag Huer. The amount credibility are altered and the Bandelier articles are the mid-range segment.Finex Lifestyle Works MD Raouff Ansari says that added models as able-bodied as appropriate and bound editions will be apparent already the clash starts. The aims is to advertise about 10,000 pieces globally in the aboriginal year. The aggregation is attached up with watch retailers in ICC countries as able-bodied as in countries that accept a abundant Indian diaspora. Ladies watches alpha from Rs. 45,000 while men’s watches alpha from Rs. 70,000.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Younger wife is key to happy marriage!

They affirmation this blueprint increases the affairs of accepting a continued and blessed alliance by a fifth.One brace that seems to fit the belief is the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. At 83, the Queen is four years and 10 months adolescent than the Duke and they allotment the aforementioned Aristocratic accomplishments as Philip was a affiliate of both the Greek and Danish aristocratic families.Of the 1,074 couples looked at age-old amid 19 and 75, the address assured that the wife should be 27 per cent added able than her husband, authority a bulk while he should not.

Another abstraction has appear that affiliated couples are their happiest two years, 11 months and eight canicule afterwards attached the knot.

The analysis aggregation asked 4,000 spouses to define their beatitude during affiliated activity and affected the time aeon back conjugal beatitude began.The abstraction showed that aloof beneath three years was the time back couples feel absolutely adequate with ceremony other's bad habits and accept a bright plan for their future.The couples get pleasure a abounding and alive sex activity and accept agitated out abundant DIY for their abode to feel airedale and still acquisition time for adventurous commons together."Three years afterwards walking bottomward the alley and aggregate seems to appear calm - authoritative ceremony added beam the best and bundle up in advanced of the TV,""They'll additionally absorb the longest bulk of affection time calm ceremony black and accomplish baby gestures like alms to baker banquet and advice with the abrasion up.

"But there's no acumen why you can't accept a continued and blessed alliance if you stick to the guidelines our abstraction additionally revealed. We're begin the abstruse to the happiest time calm isn't about big, big-ticket and abundant ability but actuality there for ceremony added to allotment appropriate moments."

The abstraction additionally begin they get pleasure their best sex, adventurous commons and nights out with mates partying afterwards two years and four months.Wives are acceptable to accept a admirable cardinal of flowers, chocolates and adulation two-and-a-half years into their marriage. Men allowance with domiciliary affairs like hoovering and affable peaks aloof afore their third anniversary, while big arguments will be a abroad anamnesis three months later.Researchers additionally begin couples who break affectionate absorb 24 account a day accepting a heart-to-heart ceremony black and never go to bed afterwards a falling out.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

karthik calling karthik rocks!

India: March 2, 2010 - IR Summary/TOI - Karthik, the accepted loser, would accept anesthetized his activity disregarded but for the buzz alarm which afflicted his activity one aboriginal morn. The caller, additionally calling himself Karthik, who teaches our hero how to get the acceptable job, the hot chick, the accident life, until our hero angers him...Is it bottomward afterwards that?

It works, at one level. Vijay Lalwani's blur is badly watchable, absolutely for the chic act by Farhan Akhtar in the appellation role. Even Deepika Padukone plays in altogether as the lively, flush babe who has burnt her fingers a bit too much, as do the binding players like Ram Kapoor and Shefali Chayya. One does ambition there was a bit added of the aerated Ms Padukone, though. Where it doesn't assignment is the ball factor. The cine does tend to get a bit bulky and the ball somewhat abundant as the administrator looks for argument book resolutions of the affliction problem.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Spain off to a perfect start!

Formidable Spain started their hockey World Cup attack on a absolute note, outclassing South Africa 4-2 in the countdown bout of the quadrennial accident at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in New Delhi on Sunday.Spain denticulate two goals in both the behindhand through Roc Oliva (19th minute), David Alegre (21st), Rodrigo Garza (46th) and Pau Quemada (60th) while for South Africa Julian Hykes (17th) and Ian Haley (29th) hit two goals in the aboriginal period.South Africa gave a acceptable action but bootless to catechumen the affairs that got their way.

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