Saturday, March 13, 2010

War game-God Of War 3!

If you came to this review looking for answers to questions like, "Is this game worth buying?", then I won't waste your time and will come straight to the point. You should definitely buy God Of War 3. If you don't have a PS3, buy one and then buy God Of War 3 and play till your thumbs bleed.Yes, our favorite ancient Greek citizen is back and he is angrier than ever. Ladies and gentlemen, for the fourth time, say hello to Kratos. After killing countless foes in the previous games and painting the town red with their blood, Kratos is back for more and this time he has none other than the King of Gods Himself - Zeus - as the target. Apparently the news that Zeus is actually his father has done little to reduce his hatred towards him and he would still like nothing more than to skewer him on his Blades of Chaos and eat him for lunch; that's how badass he is.
The story picks up exactly where God Of War 2 left us hanging. Kratos, after slaughtering the Sisters of Fate and successfully changing his fate from being killed by Zeus, and nearly killing Zeus himself, is now climbing Mount Olympus. He does so with his new gang of friends, also known as the Titans, who are only slightly taller than your average human by, say, a couple of thousand feet. They all want Zeus killed because of something really bad that he did (like try to kill them all) and unsurprisingly Zeus is not happy with this. Well, Zeus too has his own gang of friends, also known as the Greek Gods, who will help him defeat the gigantic Titans and the not-so-gigantic-in-size-but-still-a-gigantic-pain-in-the-ass Kratos.

You will encounter the full army of Greek Gods in this game. Starting from Poseidon, to Helios, Hades, Hephaestus and Hermes to name a few. Very early on in the game, Kratos realizes that the Gods are not his only enemies. It seems Gaia, the Titan, who had helped Kratos in the second game in his fight against Zeus only used him to reach Zeus and has no intention of letting Kratos kill him all by himself. So now not only is Kratos battling against the Gods, but his only allies. This would have been a big problem for anyone else. But Kratos, being Kratos, takes the situation in his stride and decides to fight his battle all alone, destroying anyone who gets in his path.

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