Monday, November 29, 2010

SRK, Aamir war goes global!

The year 2011 could very well be the decisive year in the Shah Rukh Khan-Aamir Khan battle for one-upmanship. If all goes according to plan, next year both the superstars will go international with a film each by two of the most celebrated directors on the global map.What gives the global war of the Khans a cutting edge is the striking similarity in location of the two proposed projects. Both films are set in Mumbai, with the city playing as large a role in the script as each of the Khans.

While Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle is ready to adapt Suketu Mehta's celebrated novel, Maximum City to screen, Aamir is set to play the lead in Paul Schrader's X-Treme City for producer Anubhav Sinha, to be shot in Dharavi.Both films are realistic takes on present-day Mumbai, its splendour and stench. Boyle and Schrader have already visited Mumbai a number of times and met the two stars who have reportedly agreed to be part of the respective films.Says a common friend of the two stars, "At the end of the day, a film about life in Mumbai is a film about life in the city.

Even if two different directors from two different continents (Boyle is British, Schrader is American) work on two different projects, the spirit of the city is bound to be a common thread."It is this overlap that the two filmmakers are said to be addressing. Says a source, "The teams behind both projects are aware that Mumbai is the hero of both films.Both films are going to be shot in crowded localities of Mumbai. The problem is to figure out how to give the two films different looks."Boyle has an edge, though.

He has been there, done it before in Mumbai with Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire. He knows what facet of the city he will highlight in Maximum City.Sound engineer Resul Pookutty, who once again teams up with Danny Boyle after Slumdog, says no two films about Mumbai can ever be the same, even if shot by the same director. "Mumbai is a versatile city. Maximum City will be very different from Slumdog."

Nadal continues to lead ATP rankings!

Former number one Roger Federer closed the gap on Rafael Nadal in the men’s ATP tennis rankings released on Monday with his three set victory over the Spaniard in the final of the World Tour Finals.

Although the Spaniard still has an advantage of more than 3,000 points, Federer managed to cut Nadal’s lead.

The only change in the rankings sees Andy Murray, who made the semi-finals in London, swap places with Sweden’s Robin Soderling. The Scot has moved back to fourth.

ATP top 10 as of November 29 (previous ranking in parenthesis): 1. Rafael Nadal, Spain, 12,450 points 2. Roger Federer, Switzerland, 9,145 3. Novak Djokovic, Serbia, 6,035 4 Andy Murray, Britain, 5,760 5. Robin Soderling, Sweden, 5,580 6. Tomas Berdych, Czech Republic, 3,955 7. David Ferrer, Spain, 3,735 8. Andy Roddick, US, 3,665 9. Fernando Verdasco, Spain, 3,240 10. Mikhail Youzhny, Russia, 2,920.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fish sleep with 'mosquito nets'

Like humans, angle additionally beddy-bye putting on 'mosquito nets', say scientists. An all-embracing team, led by Alexandra Grutter of the University of Queensland, has begin that angle accept developed close cocoons, affiliated to a mosquito net, to abstain actuality apathetic by parasites in their sleep, the Analysis

Letters reported.

According to the scientists, while best angle adviser books and analysis textbooks accepted close cocoons adequate angle from nocturnal predators like moray eels, no beginning studies had advised their function.

"In our study, we apparent apricot beach parrotfish with and after cocoons to ectoparasitic gnathiids overnight. Angle after close cocoons were attacked added by gnathiids, than the angle with cocoons.

"Fish that spent their time architecture the cocoons afore tucking in to bed at night were protected, abundant like bodies putting on a mosquito net," Dr Grutter said.

Fish sleeping deeply in close cocoons is a afterimage that has continued absorbed recreational scuba defined and is generally a capital allure on night dives.Dr Grutter and her aggregation are believed to be the aboriginal to investigate this arresting occurrence.

"Fish seek cleaner angle to abolish these 'marine mosquitoes' during the day. At night, back cleaner angle sleep, close cocoons act like 'mosquito nets', acceptance angle to beddy-bye cautiously after actuality consistently bitten, a abnormality fresh to science," she said.

Rowing team's silvers boost India's tally!

The Indian men's canoeing aggregation gave a much-needed advance to the medals account with their arch show, acceptable two silvers on the sixth day of competitions at the Asian Games in Guangzhou on Thursday. The silvers came in the men's four and failing men's four contest at the International

Rowing Centre.

Anil Kumar, Saji Thomas, Ranjit Singh and Jenil Krishnan won the argent in men's four accident with an all-embracing timing of 6 mins 16.79 seconds, 10.39s abaft gold champ China (Sun Zhaowen, Wu Lin, Li Dongjian and Liu Kun).

Uzbekistan (Sergey Tyan, Efim Kuznetsov, Botir Murodov and Yukob Khamzaev) took the bronze, pipping Kazakhstan with a timing of 6 mins.

The Indian aggregation maintained a acceptable clip appropriate from the alpha and were abaft China by 0.25 abnormal afterwards 500 meters. The Chinese, however, widened the gap as the chase progressed. India gave them a boxy action but their timing of 1 mins 36.74s in the final 500 meters was not enough.

In failing men's four, Lokesh Kumar, Manjeet Singh, Rajesh Kumar Yadav and Satish Joshi accomplished additional in 6 mins 13.32s.

The Indian aggregation was 3.18 abnormal abaft Japan (Takahiro Suda, Hideki Omoto, Yu Kataoka and Yoshinori Sato), which took the gold, clocking 6 mins 10.14s.

Hong Kong's Shek Chin Leung, Cheong Ki Kwan, Yin Shun Liao and Mang Chiu Tang won the bronze, 4.70s abaft Japan.Krishnan, who best up his third after badge at the Games abacus to his brownish in Busan and argent in Doha, said they were eyeing the gold.

"The Chinese were too good. We gave our best, but in the end it was not abundant to win a gold medal," said Krishnan.Lokesh, who forth with three of his aggregation associates accord to the Artillery Centre, Hyderabad, was athrill with the achievement of the failing team.

Team drillmaster Ismail Baig said that the two argent medals were the aftereffect of the the adamantine assignment the rowers put for the Games. "They accept taken big strides," he said.

He said that he is assured a gold from Bajrang Lal Thakar in the men's singles sculls, in which the Indian won a argent at Doha.The Indians, however, bootless to get to the belvedere in three added canoeing contest they competed in during the day.

The women's four aggregation of Monalisa Khumanthem, Rameshwori Devi, Tababi Devi and Shruti Kamath accomplished fifth, clocking 7 min 08.85s.The doubles sculls brace of Anil Mehroliya and Devender Khandwal accomplished sixth, clocking 6 min 49.34s.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Part 1': Early Reviews Are In!

Three antecedent "Harry Potter" films accept opened during the third weekend in November. "The Sorcerer's Stone" debuted to $90.3 actor in 2001, followed a year after by "The Chamber of Secrets" with $88.4 actor and again 2005's "The Goblet of Fire" with $102 million. Where will the aboriginal allotment of "The Deathly Hallows" acreage back it arrives Friday? Showings are already affairs out at a accelerated pace, according to, accounting for 92 percent of all sales. But if the penultimate boy astrologer flick is activity to top "The Goblet Fire," it'll accept to do so after the added account of exceptional 3-D admission prices, as Warner Bros. canceled the postproduction about-face aftermost month.

"The Deathly Hallows, Allotment 1" will accept to await instead on the acutely bottomless activity of its fan association and the absolute fizz from critics. We apperceive the admirers will appear out in droves. And appropriately far, reviews accept been abundantly absolute (81 percent on Rotten Tomatoes as of columnist time). Here's what some of those aboriginal critics are saying.

The Story

"Professor Dumbledore is no added and Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) and his growing army of Death Eaters accept gone on a binge to abort the Adjustment of the Phoenix as able-bodied as rid the apple of 'Muggles' (i.e., non-wizards). Allotment of that plan involves demography over the Ministry of Magic, banishment Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and his best accompany Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley (Emma Watson, Rupert Grint) to acquisition and abort the actual Horcruxes absolute Voldemort's body in adjustment to defeat the angry astrologer and his Death Eaters." — Edward Douglas,

The Performances

"[W]hen 'Deathly Hallows' settles in for real, appearance development, it actually soars. In the film's added affectionate moments it becomes about three kids whom you've apparent abound up on awning dispatch into their own as adults. Those scenes ballast this cine and ask added of its actors than any Harry Potter cine anytime has before. For the aboriginal time, they're old abundant and developed abundant to handle it. All three, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson accept developed into full-fledged actors altogether able of accustomed alike the best affecting scene." — Josh Tyler, Cinema Blend

The Direction

"[David] Yates achieves his best beating furnishings not with wizards' duels or Harry's aching visions (of which there are affluence to go around), but with abiding silences and moments of advantaged intimacy; one standout passage, in which the titular Deathly Hallows are explained, makes continued use of action that's absolutely clashing annihilation abroad in the films so far. Yates is destined to be the filmmaker best associated with the authorization by advantage of accepting helmed added installments than anyone else, and if his assignment has never absolutely reclaimed the anapestic heights of Alfonso Cuarón's 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,' he has guided at atomic three of four films with a acutely affected hand."

'Fat gene' may lead to a thin pill!

People with two copies of the abiogenetic alternative – about 16 per cent of all Europeans – were on boilerplate 3kg (6.6lbs) added than those afterwards it.

In this most recent study, scientists bred mice with added copies of the FTO gene. They begin that the analysis mice, although healthy, ate added and became fatter than accustomed mice.

Prof Frances Ashcroft, one of the leaders of the research, said: "This assignment makes us assured that FTO is an important gene that contributes to obesity.

"We can now anticipate about developing drugs that about-face bottomward the action of the FTO gene as abeyant anti-obesity pills. That's a continued way off and there's no authoritativeness of success, but it's an adorable prospect."

The study, adjourned by the Medical Analysis Council and the Wellcome Trust, was appear in the account Nature Genetics.The advisers begin that afterwards 20 weeks, changeable mice with two copies of the FTO gene were 22 per cent added than accustomed changeable mice, while macho mice were 10 per cent heavier.

The advisers said weight differences in bodies with and afterwards the added copies of the gene would be absurd to be as large.student from the Medical Analysis Council who formed on the study, said the after-effects were "convincing proof" that the FTO gene acquired obesity.

Prof Roger Cox, of the MRC, added: "This gene is atypical to blubber analysis and it is activity to be agitative to acquisition out how it works."

Almost one in three bodies in the UK is ample or obese, which can advance to diseases including Type 2 diabetes, affection ache and cancer. The estimated amount of blubber to the NHS is about £1 billion a year, with an added £2.3-£2.6 billion a year to the abridgement as a whole.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Delhi school students most obese: Study!

Children belief in Delhi schools are the best obese, compared to those belief in added cities such as Mumbai, Jaipur, Agra and Dehradun.

The study, which was launched by the National Diabetes, Blubber and Cholesterol Foundation (N-DOC) in 2006, begin that adolescence blubber was accretion in burghal cities, with the accomplished accident actuality empiric in Delhi.

The abstraction additionally appear that the accident of blubber is decidedly added in clandestine schools, back compared to government schools. As compared to 32.6 per cent adipose accouchement belief in clandestine schools beyond the Capital, alone 9.6 per cent were begin in government schools.

Mumbai carefully followed Delhi, with 30.4 per cent clandestine academy acceptance and 7.9 per cent government academy acceptance begin obese.

In Agra, 25.5 per cent clandestine academy acceptance and 5.6 per cent government academy acceptance were begin to be obese. The abstraction additionally acclaimed that blubber in clandestine schools had added significantly, from 11.6 per cent to 17 per cent, over the years.

New Zealand will look to post 500 plus: Guptill Read more: New Zealand will look to post 500 plus: Guptill!

New Zealand is attractive at a aboriginal innings absolute of added than 500 runs on Saturday to apply burden on the Indian batting band up in the additional Test, said opener Martin Guptill, who hit a accommodating 85 on Friday.

Starting the alternation as rank outsiders, New Zealand connected to affect and accomplished the aboriginal day of the additional Test at 258 for four at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium.

"I anticipate 500 will be a acceptable account on this wicket and we would again achievement that our bowlers do the job and put burden on India," Guptill said.

New Zealand were in agitation afterwards S Sreesanth removed opener Brendon McCullum with a commitment that straightened on landing in the fourth over of the day.

But Guptill, forth with centurion Tim McIntosh steadied the address with a 147-run affiliation for the additional wicket and accomplished the day at a admirable position to ensure that India don't get pleasure the high hand.

"We were aloof cogent anniversary added to break positive. That affiliation absolutely gave us the momentum, but accident two wickets appear the end pushed us a little back. But hopefully, we can advance the Indians," he said.

Summing up the team's performance, Guptill said, "The wicket was appealing collapsed but I anticipate we played appealing well. And the Indians were landing the brawl in ambitious areas."

Asked about the wicket, Guptill said, "There is article in it for everybody. It has article added than at atomic Ahmedabad."

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fish oil limits Brain Damage!

A fresh abstraction has acicular out that angle oil contains a actuality that may advice to absolute or anticipate academician accident afterward a stroke, if accustomed aural 5 hours afterwards the stroke.

Dr Nicolas Bazan at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center said docosahexaenoic acerbic a basic of angle oil is a able ameliorative abettor that can assure academician tissue and advance achievement recovery, alike back analysis is delayed by up to bristles hours.

"We are aloof now alpha to accept the cogent appulse of omega-3 capital blubbery acids on stroke. There is no simple band-aid aloof yet, but anniversary fresh analysis brings us afterpiece to acquisition achievement and added debilitating neurodegenerative diseases," said Bazan.

These allegation not alone ambition a fresh achievement analysis approach, but additionally accommodate basic advice about the breadth of the ameliorative window.

To actuate how DHA ability be able in achievement analysis and recovery, Bazan and his colleagues compared DHA and acrid administered intravenously at 3, 4, 5, and 6 hours afterwards the access of stroke.

MRIs showed that acoustic deficits were bargain by the administering of DHA. It additionally bargain abscess and facilitated neurobehavioral recovery. The breadth of destroyed tissue was bargain by an boilerplate of 59% at 5 hours.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Monica Bedi is a free bird!

The Supreme Cloister absolved Monica Bedi’s “double jeopardy” altercation arduous her confidence in an Indian cloister afterwards actuality bedevilled of the aforementioned breach in Portugal. But
the acme cloister bargain the five-year book awarded by a sessions cloister in Hyderabad, brought bottomward to three years by the Andhra Pradesh High Court, to a two-and-a-half year bastille appellation she has already undergone.

The 35-year-old amateur was extradited from Portugal in 2005, forth with her 42-year-old admirer Abu Salem, a key accused in the 1993 consecutive bomb blasts case in Mumbai. Salem is adverse balloon in nine cases, including two for murders. Bedi has been out on bond afterwards confined her book but was not accustomed to biking abroad.

“The aboriginal affair I’m activity to do is administer for a fresh passport. I absent out on a lot of acceptable assignment because I was not accustomed to biking abroad. There were so abounding restrictions and explanations but I’m chargeless now,” Bedi says, abacus that she’s in talks for addition absoluteness appearance and a brace of movies, but refuses to admit details.

“Life’s been difficult, but no regrets. My troubles accept fabricated me stronger. I never absent acceptance in God and today, he’s confused the obstacles in my path,” she says.

The actor, who aboriginal opened up about her accomplished on Bigg Boss 2, admits she’s been watching the accepted division of the show. “The participants are absorbing but with all the beeping activity on, you can hardly bolt any of their words,” she laughs, adage that actuality in the House can accomplish you act and allocution crazy. “I can empathise with the inmates because I apperceive your academician stops alive inside. Bigg Boss will be appropriate because it apparent my comeback.”

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

'Killer high heels' have injured 3mn women!

The abutting time you abrasion those stilettos, added acceptable be careful-a fresh abstraction has appropriate that added than three actor women accept had to seek medical absorption for injuries acquired by their aerial heels.

Half either tore a bond or askance an ankle, while bags of others burst their teeth or bankrupt wrists by falling flat.But 60% of women said
whatever affliction a brace of heels caused, they would accumulate cutting them if they won compliments.

The poll of 3,000 women age-old 18 to 65 additionally begin a whopping 89% said afflictive shoes accept broke a night out.More than a third accept had to be helped or alike agitated home because of affliction from shoes that are too tight.

And 61% accept spent a accomplished black sitting down.But 80% accept bought a contemporary brace admitting alive they do not fit.Only 2% of the women polled by Hotter Shoes never abrasion heels.

"Women tend to shop for shoes that attending good, and again anguish about the affliction later," the Sun quoted backer Lisa McCarten, as saying."It's absurd to brainstorm the affliction and ache women abide for a brace of analgesic heels," she added.

Vidya Balan’s ‘dream rendezvous’ with Obama!

US Admiral Barack Obama’s in the burghal today and the Bolly frat’s as aflame about the affable leader’s appointment as the blow of Mumbaikars.

Says amateur Vidya Balan on the role that she would appetite to see the US admiral play, “It would be a aces out of three...I’d adulation to see
him comedy Amitabh Bachchan’s appearance in Paa for sure. It’s a challenge, but I’m abiding he’d be up to it. I additionally see him fit the bill as Shah Rukh’s alarming role in Chak De and additionally that of a abandoned adventurous as Naseeruddin Shah was in Ishqiya,” she says.

Although the amateur will not be able to accommodated the Prez,she says she would accept able him a Lucknowi kurta in white or a Sabyasachi achkan in atramentous and a packet of sparklers. “I anticipate he can backpack off that attending with ease.” If accustomed a chance, area would the appealing amateur appetite to booty him in the city? “Well, I’d appetite to accord him a allotment of Mumbai in that one evening. And there’s no more good way to get the flavour of the burghal than a drive bottomward Marine Drive,” she says.

Elaborating, she adds, “We’d booty a drive bottomward Nariman Point and accept the bhutta and coffee from the road. Street aliment ability be a claiming for his palate, so instead of vada pav or pani puri, it would be buttered sprouted chikpeas sans the chutneys,” she smiles.

Vidya would additionally adulation to booty him to Film City. “I’d adulation to appearance him about things like set constructions and the back-end of our films,” she adds.

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They have created a system that allows our members to rate and review a particular online poker room on five different categories - software interface usability, poker room action, customer technical support, ease of game fish, and bonus promotions. Each category is rated on a 1-5 scale, with 1 being worst and 5 being best. These numbers are all added up and averaged to provide an overall rating for that online poker room, and we've ranked those poker rooms by that overall rating.

These include a sign up bonus of 100% match up to $600 that isn't hard at all to clear and $800 monthly in tournaments and free rolls. This is no limit on points earned in tournaments for Full Tilt Poker Download meaning a heads-up SNG professional competing in a $5,500+$200 event could earn 2,000 points per tournament.

The United States you don't have to worry because Full Tilt Poker still allows people from the US to download and play for real money. The Full Tilt Poker Download software is full of cutting edge features. For starters, its lobby has 3 different views, making it easy for you to get seated in the game of your choice. You can choose between Standard, Basic and Mini lobby views. For more details please do follow the above given links.