Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Did you know?

Giving up smoker can badly advance abatement sex lives, according to a abstraction conducted by a Hong Kong university. The University of Hong Kong abstraction begin 53.8 per cent of smokers actuality advised for abstention said that their problems eased aural six months of stubbing out their nicotine habits.

That amount compared to aloof 28.1 per cent of men advised for arrect dysfunction who connected smoking, acceptation quitters accept a 91.5 per cent greater adventitious of a more good sex life.

Sophia Chan, a assistant who helped conduct the survey, said arrect dysfunction was ‘very prevalent’ in China and Asia and added that programmes to advice smokers abdicate should be continued beyond the region.

Her aide Lam Tai-hing said: "Smokers should be acquainted of such adverse furnishings from their smoker and should abdicate now to anticipate arrect dysfunction and added diseases acquired by smoking. In fact, arrect dysfunction patients who smoke can apprehend some quick allowances afterwards abandonment smoking."

More than 700 men adversity from arrect dysfunction age-old 30 to 50 took allotment in the three-year abstraction by the university's School of Public Health and Nursing.

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