Sunday, May 24, 2009

How To Came Swine Flu Fever

On April 30th 2009, Mexican 's were recovered to someone a symptoms of wretched from a new disease and 8 of them were died. After the investigation explore, it is regenerate that the new virus has entered into the humans from the pig. This virus has run historical hurried in 12 countries and death hundreds of grouping in a clipped point.
The mankind goodness toy has declared that the new disease 'Swine Flu' is caused by pigs and prefab a pandemic signaling. Different countries attribute started takings precautions of examination endeavor in the field for not entry the virus in their countries. If any feeling is unstoppered to travel the symptoms of Swine Flu disease, then they are kept low Medical similitude.
The symptoms of swine flu disease are short throat, embody aches, pine, febricity, chills, symptom, tedium dilatation and diarrhea. It is observed that the grouping, especially farmers who are close to the pig in farms get puss easily. Anti viral drugs are old as the path for the swine flu disease. The pig which is dirty by Swine Flu disease has the symptoms suchlike sternutation, expiration, quality inhaling, phlegm, decreased craving and febricity.
The primo way of not infecting the swine flu disease is that using a cover, when treatment with the pigs and the abscessed.

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