Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Film heros Come for Politics

The 2009 elections held in the Andhra Pradesh, amend the legislature governing to keep the force. The competition was held between triplet better party's congress, T.D.P and P.R.P. The wrap performer Chiranjeevi has prefabricated a entry in opinion in 2009 elections. He has botuliform a circle P.R.P, and made himself as the presidentship of the P.R.P, so that if he wins in the elections, he can transform the principal executive of the Andhra Pradesh.
On the remaining lateral, the T.D.P. chairman Nara Chandrababu Naidu was scared that the group gift vote to the P.R.P. by sightedness the beauty of the Chiranjeevi. so he mentation that, he requisite a glamour to his lot and titled the flick stars Balakrishna and Jr.N.T.R. to supporting his band. As Balakrishna and Jr.N.T.R are the relatives of the T.D.P. chair Mr. Nara chandrababu Naidu, they had backed his lot. Tight while, the Eenadu editorial Ramoji rao has prefab a crush comments on the legislature governing and were publishing opposed against important rector Mr. Y.S.Rajasekhara reddy in his Program stuff as legislature authorities was against the mislabeled acting of Ramoji Rao in Margadarsi tab assets.
In spite of the, beauty from the medium stars and the opposed business interest by the Eenadu product prefabricated naught to win the congress governance again. The people pick to the congress governance and blown the legislature authorities in the express.
They are whole 294 room in the assembly, among which the legislature has won 157 seats to strain the fissiparous regime in the dos. The grouping had relinquished a just official of voting to the congress receiver and making Y.S.Rajasekhara reddy as the Leader Parson again. The actors turned politicians somebody thought that, the people leave elite them by sightedness their beauty. Despite, the bully line done by the Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy to the group and to the dos made him as the main executive again.

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