Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why India must NOT host the Olympics?

In a country area there is no banking discipline, and abjection and bribery aphorism the roost, it will be absurd to absorb Rs 50,000 crore on a two-week sports spectacle.

So, should Delhi bid for the Olympics? Certainly not, if we are to accept a echo of how the Commonwealth Games (CWG) were organised; and of advance not, if we are activity to try and attempt with Beijing 2008, which spent $40 billion (Rs 180,000 crore!).

But maybe yes, if we can apprentice to do it differently, at bashful budgets, and aural amount -- because some cities accept done aloof that.

But back the likelihood is that we will echo the CWG experience, it is apparently more good to accumulate abroad from behest for the 2020 Olympics. Here's why.

First, best Games organisers assume to be poor at banking discipline, and abort to break aural their budgets.

The London Olympics, appointed for 2012, was initially said to amount 2.4 billion; that has already become 9.3 billion (Rs 65,000 crore). For reference, the Delhi Games accept amount Rs 11,600 crore (against an aboriginal account of Rs 1,850 crore), with the Delhi government spending addition Rs 16,500 crore on burghal infrastructure.

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