Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where is the humanity?

Beauty and age actuate the price. " Girls beneath 18 years are awash for Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh. For widows or bare women, the amount is beneath Rs 50,000. In some instances, they're alike awash for Rs 10,000," Pankaja K Kalmath, controlling administrator and architect trustee, Karnataka Integrated Development Services ( KIDS), Dharwad, told TOI.

n June 11, 2010, a case was registered in Bidnal apple area a 24-year-old babe was awash for Rs 60,000 to a man in Gujarat. Police sources said at atomic two to three such marriages booty abode in a apple every year. In best cases, agents pay beneath than Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000. "We apperceive about these cases alone back there's a botheration in money-sharing amid agents and parents," they said.

Women and boyish abundance administration agent administrator in Dharwad Sarojini B Kademani said 15 years ago they'd chock-full a Gujjar alliance in Gadag. "There are cases actuality appear alike now. Women are awash to men in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and there's a abridgement of awareness. We conduct acquaintance programmes for boyish girls through non-governmental organizations and law departments at the taluk and commune level," she said.

While ambassador Veerendra Kumar P of Mundgod taluk said agents comedy a key role in acclimation such marriages, Pankaja said they're based in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. "They are affiliated to agents in North Karnataka, who accept their men in every apple on the anchor for poor widows, bare women, bachelor women and women in burst families. The agents pay money to ancestors associates and get them affiliated brief and she disappers the abutting day. The bride's ancestors is not arrive for the bells for which the benedict bears all the expenses. No one knows what happens to the babe afterwards that. She allotment home alone back her bloom deteriorates," she said.

Malathi S Pol, activity director, Bala Vikas Academy, accepted that cases of missing women accept added and the convenance is aggressive at Kalghatgi on the Goa border. "If they are affiliated and happy, it's good. Otherwise, it's bad and has to be tackled," she said.

Zilla Panchayat vice-president L T Patil acicular out that bankrupt women of appointed castes and appointed tribes are targeted. "This is actual accustomed amid Lambanis. It's a advantageous business in astern villages. Illiteracy and abridgement of acquaintance are the capital reasons," he said.

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