Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hrithik Roshan’s fitness secrets!

Hrithik Roshan’s aerial anatomy is fabulous; his anatomy ample and able-bodied built. His biceps accept an enviable sharpness. The backbone of his aback anatomy is admirable and his abs are cool chiseled. That active angular bod didn’t appear brief for Bollywood’s baby hero. “Commitment is Hrithik’s key to fitness,” says Satyajit Chaurasia, the fettle adviser who has been training Roshan for the aftermost eight years.

Eating junk

For a being like him who actually worships fitness, essaying the role of a paraplegic archimage in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish was a challenge. “He had to accord up approved appliance for two months. Out of habit, he would still gym for 2 canicule a anniversary but with lower intensity. To accretion eight kilos in two months, he ate all sorts of clutter aliment including one vadapav for every meal, pizza, samosas, sweets and chocolates,” says Chaurasia.

Losing 8 kilos in 40 canicule

Chaurasia says, “Since Roshan has been alive out for about 15 years, his beef anamnesis is fantastic. His metabolism is high, so with approved concentrated exercise and a austere diet he was able to lose 8 kilos in 40 days.” “A connected administration of one hour cardio and addition bisected an hour stretches and contest for abs was followed every morning,” says Chaurasia. “We did concentrated contest for one or two anatomy genitalia every day for one and bisected hour every evening.” After the contest he would do 500-1000 times absence for ten account everyday. This itself helped him lose 500-700 calories in one go.

Follows all-embracing fettle trends

“Roshan is consistently accessible to aggravating fresh techniques and style. He follows fettle trends common and reads all-embracing magazines on fettle and bodybuilding. Exploring fresh fettle trends and inculcating them in his administration gives him a acceptable brainy addition and action while training. In the gym, he is like a academy kid. He maintains a circadian account of his exercise routine.”

Monitoring Results

“He uses a Polar watch that can be angry on the wrist. The watch gives a calorie calculation and beating rate. On the watch, he can attending at his absolute year’s assignment out results.”

Arms (Monday)
Biceps and Triceps
Dumbell 21 (for ability and accurateness of bicep muscle) x Tricep caster advance bottomward (for tricep muscles)
Barbell coil (for absolute admeasurement and backbone of arms) x Line tricep addendum (Difficult, yet acclaimed exercise. Acceptable for admeasurement and strength)
Concentration curls (for bicep aiguille and adequateness of muscle) x Overhead tricep anatomy (for accurateness of tricep muscles)
Hammer dodo coil (for alien biceps and aerial forearm) x Tricep bang aback (to be done with ablaze weight; for accurateness of triceps) and Reverse coil (for alien acquaint area, strengthens the wrist and gives acceptable ability authority in your fist)

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