Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Know about a pill to live 100 yrs!

A bolus that allows bodies to alive above 100 and eliminates Alzheimer's, diabetes and affection ache is actuality developed by scientists.In a New York study, boffins accept begin three genes that extend activity and anticipate diseases such as Alzheimer's.Of the three constancy genes, two addition the assembly of alleged acceptable cholesterol, which reduces the accident of affection ache and stroke. The third prevents diabetes.The discoveries were fabricated while belief the DNA of 500 Ashkenazi Jews with an boilerplate age of 100. Professor Judith Phillips, admiral of the British Society of Geron­tology, said the analysis would change how bodies attending at growing old.She said: "It's a huge befalling because the ageing citizenry is growing anyway. They would be a huge ability because bodies would be able to assignment best and they would accept a convalescent life, and it would r­evolutionise the way we attending at earlier people. "And it would abate costs in agreement of care."

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