Thursday, December 10, 2009

dipika padukone special

Post her alienation with Ranbir Kapoor two months ago, Deepika hasn't announced about their accord publicly.

Recently, aback the extra was spotted at a artefact launch, media bodies siezed the befalling to catechism her about her ex.

On actuality asked what she affairs to do about the RK boom on her back, the catechism was met with adamant silence. Another catechism that followed was, "Is the cast advancing out with a chrism that will abolish your tattoo?"

Deepika started active but chose to accumulate mum. The journalists were adamant and went on to ask, "Are you adored afterwards your alienation with Ranbir?"

By now the poor actress, who was apparently regretting anytime accepting the adored tattoo, snapped, "Of course, I am happy. Don't I attending happy?"

Not surprisingly, the affair didn't aftermost actual long. A visibly afflictive Deepika fled from the backstage exit.