Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SalmanGives surprise to Audience

When people went to get the beforehand tickets for the Salman Khan-Ajay Devgn-Asin starrer London Dreams at a circuitous in Daryaganj, they had to jostle way added than the boilerplate army that gathers at theatres for beforehand bookings.

One reason for that could accept been that the guy affairs tickets at the admission window was Sallu bhai himself! Although the superstar accustomed three hours backward to accessible the beforehand booking for the film, the activity of the thousand-strong army seemed undimmed, and it became difficult alike for the badge to ascendancy it. But Sallu was undaunted, and with his brand nonchalance, said, “Yehi Dilli hai!”

The aberrant allotment was that the army that followed Salman was mainly male. But why? “Arre, anyone can be my fan,” he said with a smile. Remembering the canicule back he himself went to the movies in crowded theatres, Salman said, “I had watched Arjun, starring Sunny Deol. I charge say what a army it drew.” That’s from one crowd-puller to another, but Delhi admirers are absolutely not throwing abroad one accurate admission they bought for this movie!

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