Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gary Kirsten gives new idea to players

Gary Kirsten, a South African who coaches the team, and brainy conditioning able Paddy Upton reportedly told the players that sex afore a bout increases able-bodied performance.

"Having sex increases testosterone levels, which causes an access in strength, assailment and competitiveness," Kirsten and Upton brash in a certificate broadcast to the players, according to The Hindustan Times.

India is advancing for the Champions Trophy clash and opens adjoin battling Pakistan on Saturday.

Besides trumpeting the absolute ancillary furnishings of sex, Kirsten and Upton additionally said that a abridgement of sex could abate their able-bodied capacities by causing "a cogent bead in testosterone levels in both males and females."

The certificate additionally stresses the accent of actuality advancing on the field, self-improvement and advantageous eating.

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