Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Akshay- Kareena" KAMBAKKHT ISHQ celebrates 50 days

After the abhorrent aeon of producers' bang that had actually got Bollywood on standstill, it was Kabir Khan directed NEW YORK that had burst the jinx. While the blur went on to complete 50 canicule at the box appointment as afresh as the weekend gone, now comes Sabbir Khan's KAMBAKKHT ISHQ which would be adulatory its 50th day at theaters today.

The blur accepted to be yet addition huge money spinner at the box appointment and as per the makers, EROS International, it alike went on to booty the better anytime aperture in the history of Indian cinema.

For Akshay Kumar too, the blur came as a huge abatement as the blur had to assignment in a above way for him afore he ends the year with BLUE and DE DANA DAN, two added big-ticket films.

Though critics were yet afresh absolutely acrid on KAMBAKKHT ISHQ, audiences showed that they had a apperception of their own. They flocked in dozens to the theaters and fabricated abiding that in the aperture weekend itself, the blur angry out to be a safe preposition.

The blur did administer to accessible absolutely a few debates about Hindi cinema axis astern or the absolute assuming of women in the blur or the arduous gimmicks which KAMBAKKHT depended upon. In actuality at places, the abhorrence agency has connected to be so accustomed that abundance are actuality spent till date on how KAMBAKKHT ISHQ was conceivably the affliction blur of the year.

However, the actuality charcoal that none of that absolutely afflicted KAMBAKKHT ISHQ as it went on to accept a continued break at the box appointment and is now in its 8th week. Of advance the accession of newer and acknowledged films like LOVE AAJ KAL and KAMINEY has resulted in a beneath book calculation for the film.

Still, with the film's home video actuality accepted to hit the stands soon, it would be account bright if the absolute altercation about KAMBAKKHT ISHQ actuality conceivably clashing for ancestors audiences holds accurate or not.


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