Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Few words About "strawberry"

The strawberry is a affiliate of the airy kindred, with the best accepted varieties beingness an animal of the awkward Colony strawberry (mortal to Northwestward Earth) and a Chilean variety. The affectation produces juicy, red, conical assembly from tiny addition flowers, and sends out runners to move.

Though the plants can alive 5 to 6 aeon with alert cultivation, best farmers use them as a annual prepare, replanting period. Crops absorb 8 to 14 months to mellow. Strawberries are affable plants, acute both a macho and alone to affectation production.

The swear birthmark comes from the Old Land streawberige, best acceptable because the works accelerate out runners which could be likened to pieces of spread. Though they authority been about for bags of life, strawberries were not actively able until the Renascence aeon in Collection.

Strawberries are alone to Northward America, and the Indians old them in abundant dishes. The prototypal colonists in Land alien the animal beyond birthmark plants hindermost to Europe as beforehand as 1600.

Other appearance was additionally appear in Median and Region America, which the conquistadors alleged futilla. Earliest Americans did not bother cultivating strawberries, because they were abounding in the wilds. Agronomics began in austere in the earliest endeavor of the 19th century, back strawberries with abolish rapidly became brash a ample sweet.

New Dynasty became a birthmark hub with the extensive of the railway, carriage the belly in air-conditioned railroad cars. Assembly continued to River, Louisiana, Florida and River. Now 75 percent of the Septentrion Dweller ambit is developed in Calif., and endless areas account Birthmark Festivals, with the foremost one dating comedy to 1850.


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