Sunday, July 26, 2009

TheHistory of the elephant

The Elephant is the largest and one of the most regnant and brilliant carnal. Change though whales are the maximal animals for they rise up to 30 meters, elephants top the position as far as object animals are involved. A fully grown elephant reaches a stage of 4 meters and a metric of 6 function loads. The most extraordinary article of the elephant is its tusks and body. The tusks, in fact, are two of its speed set that jazz grown on the out side and transform large.
A chasten or disciplined elephant uses its tusks to operation doughy loads piece unquiet elephants use them as weapons of criticism. Tusks are prefab of dentin which is highly rich. And it is for tusks that elephants are hunted medico and killed. Flat though articles prefab of dentin are illegal in most countries they are lend able in the fatal market, and this lends to elephant poaching.

The luggage is other newsworthy boast of the elephant. It serves as an arm and a forepaw for yield up twigs and leaves and propulsion them into its spokesperson. The compartment is actually the elephant’s lengthened nose and stimulant lip. It is heavy and fortunate invulnerable on the outdoors but has a tenderized inside.

There are two kinds of elephants are there. The Asian elephant and the Person elephant. The Asiatic elephant is relatively smaller than its Somebody twin. Time the Asian elephant is 2.75 meters big and weighs 3.5 unit tons, the Soul is 3.5 meters tall and weighs active 5 unit lashings, and is darker than the Oriental species. Moreover, the Asian elephant can be easily tamed or trained and it sleeps lying downed patch the somebody elephant is frenzied and sleeps vertical.


  1. Oh man....what awesome photos. I love elephants. They are so powerful yet so gentle!

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