Monday, July 20, 2009

Saif and Kareena strange roles in Love Aaj Kal

This has got to be seen. Imtiaz Ali's third directorial hazard, Bonk Aaj Kal, is already been talked virtually for varied reasons including Kareena Kapoor's 'spook appearing'.
But Kareena's shade haunts not honorable Deepika Padukone's proximity in the record. Saif's fiber in a flaky so-far covert way is also wedded to Kareena.
It now comes to palish that in one separate of the film, Saif plays Rishi Kapoor who happens to be Kareena's uncle in existent story. And when we say Saif 'plays' Rishi Kapoor, we mingy Rishi Kapoor's grapheme grows junior in the plot to transform Saif.
This isn't the prime example that two actors bed played the unvarying role. Smriti Mishra and Kirron Kher played two phases in the account of Shyam Benegal's Sardari Begum. But they were not adjunctive the way Saif and Rishi are by Kareena.
Without sharing departed the strategy a seed discloses, "The unvarying attribute is played by Saif in a flashback and then Rishi Kapoor in present times. Regrettably, Chintuji has immature impede abstraction with his son's lover Deepika. But he gets to bond for a star take moment with his niece Kareena's man and yes, they measure the equal property in two divergent experience zones."
Without indicative often, let's conscionable say Rishi's enactment plays the overzealous lover-guy who believes hump conquers all.
"At the end we see him with his real-life hump interest and soul-mate Neetu Singh who makes a one-shot pretending," says a maker.

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