Friday, September 4, 2009

Must read to became "newly rich"

Many people turn out to be newly rich; they don’t have any saving carried by their ancestors. Yet they try to make up their new idea and creative project. Everyone has the thirst for money. Search for it, work for it, at last only few had tried to get successes it there mission. Like a regular youngster I do have the desire for money. While coming up with new project that could make me rich. I have come across with much innovative suggestion like nouveau riche. People remember one thing that innovative alone won’t help us to earn money. Try to keep it as cost effective. Sometimes it won’t work without much investment. So it is possible share the entry load with interested fellow guys so that makes much easier. To be clear with about suggestion people you must be able to take risk and we can see many people who are newly rich has taken many risks, at last to taste fruit of success.

Coming to back the topic, while searching for project that can make me rich i.e. newly rich (or) nouveau riche. One of the project is Bringing Chardonnay to Chennai (i.e. Import fine wines to upscale restaurants - in India restaurant they don’t have much quality of wine so this could one of innovative idea to be rich one in the society and to be clear with the idea Indian consume thousands gallons of wine), likewise some of the ideas follows. Remodel homes for China's burgeoning middle class, Open an American-style restaurant in one of China's fast-growing cities, tapping the New Nouveau Riche, Create an ad network for India's mobile content developers, Become a bio diesel producer in Argentina, Build cheap Wi-Fi networks for Brazilian resorts, Become a social entrepreneur in South Africa.

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