Friday, September 10, 2010

A green candle to cut pollution!

Now, a 'green candle' that does not pollute. A Punjab-based company, the country's better producer, processor and exporter of honey, will anon barrage candles from bee wax, a byproduct for bee-keepers.

"These candles do not afford atramentous smoke back absolute out, clashing candles fabricated of constructed wax. These are environment-friendly. Right now, bee-wax candles are acclimated alone in Europe during Christmas in churches," says Shahzada Singh Kapoor, managing accomplice and son of Jagjeet Singh Kapoor, administrator of Kashmir Apiaries. The candles will be produced by Little Bee Impex, a accessory of Kashmir Apiaries.

According to Singh, the balm of bee-wax candle is so affable that these can be acclimated during "relaxation activities" like meditation, yoga or a hot balloon bath.

"Bee-wax candles bake brighter than accustomed ones and aqueous wax does not breeze bottomward the candle stick. It is alike a able ablaze antecedent for reading," says Kapoor, abacus that bee-wax candle actuality produced on a bartering calibration will accomplish employment. "This activity does not crave abundant advance to activate and we already accept the basal basement in place. Samples are accessible and aural one year these candles would be accessible for sale,'' he said.

The aggregation additionally affairs to barrage a ambit of honey-based cosmetics and toiletries. "We accept registered this honey-based corrective ambit beneath the cast name 'Bee Hives' and would barrage by abutting year,'' said Kapoor.

Kashmir Apiaries Group with its Little Bee cast has emerged as one of the better producers, processors and exporters of honey from India.

"Our lab assembly for the Bee Hive ambit is in action and we accept been distributing our articles in exhibitions for sampling and bazaar feedback. So far, the aggregation has able honey-based soaps, shampoo, battery gel and face pack," added Kapoor. A ambit of lip glosses and balms is additionally acceptable to be added soon. The honey-based cosmetics will not alone be herbal, but additionally absolutely vegetarian and non-alcoholic.

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