Sunday, May 9, 2010

History of Mother Teresa!

Mother Teresa was a fascinating woman who dedicated herself to the poor throughout her lives. We all had great esteem for her sacrifices on those who were in needs.Her original name was Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu and she was born in a Catholic family in Yugoslavia. She had one elder sister and an elder brother. Mr. Bojaxhiu died when she was seven. Mrs. Bojaxhiu run a small business after her husband’s death in order to raise her beloved children. Personally I believed Mrs. Bojaxhiu was an amazingly strong and brave woman because it was so tough for her to get out from her husband’s death as well as shoulder the family. I also wondered how talent she was to handle such a difficult situation. She was one of the most influential people on Mother Teresa. Generally, Mother Teresa received uncountable love during her childhood.
Mother Teresa decided to become a nun when she was eighteen. Then she participated in the Loreto Order in Bengal. She became the principal of St Mary’s School during the seventeen years there. After that, she had an idea that she should help the poorest in Calcutta. Finally she was able to leave the Order and be a vowed nun with supports from the Father. Mother Teresa was getting well-known of what she had done in Calcutta, therefore more and more girls came join her. In my opinion, I would never put myself serving in a place suffering in diseases and cries. I might think of my marriage and how beautiful my life would be later on. However, Mother Teresa gave up her family in order to help the sufferings, so I thought we should respect of what she was doing.
Her work started developing with the growing number of nuns. She set up Motherhouse not only in Calcutta, also overseas. After that, they were named the Missionary of Charity. Also, a new branch, the Missionary Brother of Charity, was established which leaded by Brother Andrew. Furthermore, Mother Teresa sent homeless children oversea for adoption. Most of them had a great life with their new parents. Leprosy was a horrible disease in Calcutta, so Mother Teresa formed Leprosy Centre to give them medical treatment. She also brought the Home of Dying in Kalighat for the people to die in dignity. How could Mother Teresa do that much for the poor? Why don’t we act like her? She had never got repay by anything, except for those awards she received after she had retired. No one had ever done that much when people were in needs. We should revere her as a teacher who guided us to help generously.Mother Teresa received the Nobel Prize of Peace from the King of Norway in 1979 and she was the first non-Indian who received the Padma Shri. She died in 199 7 gloriously. In conclusion, she was one of the most honorable women in the history. We were all proud of what she had done.


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