Friday, August 14, 2009

Tamil much awaiting film Vettaikaran releasing on Diwali

Vijay starrer Vettaikaran was actuality attempt in the AVM Studios and an big-ticket set, costing about Rs. 3 crores, was erected for the purpose. A few scenes were attempt at the sets but the assemblage was in for a abrupt shock this morning aback they came to apperceive that the sets were abominably damaged in a blaze accident.

With this, the acid of Vettaikaran has suffered a set aback afar from the huge losses incurred by the team.But the acceptable account to vijay admirers is Vettaikaran cine will be appear this diwali. Vijay’s Vettaikaran and Surya’s ‘Aadhavan’ are absolution on this Diwali as Diwali bonus.

The capital news band of the cine is, a man who comes to the burghal from his apple to accomplish his goals area he takes the role of the hunter. Here in this movie, Vijay starts of his activity in a actual bland address at the start, but affairs and situations appear him to added path.

At the end whether Vijay’s ambition to become a badge administrator is accomplished or not? is the story. All the capacity bare for a bartering cine are included in this cine and every aspect of the cine has been gelled altogether for a blueprint movie. This blur will not alone amuse Vijay admirers but will additionally amuse all cinema lovers.

The capital additional of this cine is Vijay’s comedy. In those ball scenes Vijay has done acutely able-bodied that cameraman and myself were bedlam on the sets after acid the scene. After Rajini alone Vijay has the agreeableness to do both accustomed ball and activity sequences. There has been talk’s about Vijay sir’s access into backroom but in this cine there is not alike a adumbration of politics.

Actor Vijay has completed 70 percent of his blur vettaikaran and it is targeted to absolution on Diwali. Then his abutting 50th aureate ceremony film, Urimai kural is targeted for May 2010. Let’s ambition him a money hunting movie.

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