Saturday, August 29, 2009

Quick Gun Murugun Create Fun Entertainment

Good spoofs are adamantine to appear by, but administrator Shashanka Ghosh's Quick Gun Murugun is a attenuate exception. Based on the iconic Channel [V] appearance created in the mid-nineties by Ghosh himself and biographer Rajesh Devraj, the Tamilian cowboy in ablaze orange pants has now beyond over to the big awning for a affection feature.

The artifice itself is ridiculously simple. While attention a apple from a villain accepted as Rice Plate Reddy who's bent on axis every Udipi restaurant into a non-vegetarian establishment, our hero Murugun (played by Telugu brilliant Rajendra Prasad) ends up accepting attempt and killed.

Thanks to a lifetime of adherence appear vegetarianism, Murugun is reincarnated as himself, and sets out to acquisition his old nemesis who's currently complex in kidnapping South Indian mummies so he can acquisition the absolute dosa recipe. He finds an absurd accessory in Mango Dolly, the ample blackmailer of Rice Plate Reddy, and calm they assignment on vanquishing the bad guy.

Packed with able one-liners, beginning with accepted blur references, and axis every South Indian cliche on its head, the makers of this blur bear a berserk abstract but badly agreeable account that's able-bodied account your time.

One of my favourite scenes in the blur is a collision amid our cowboy and the villain's top abettor in a traffic-packed artery area both charge airing on top of cars and alike commuter's active while demography ten paces aback afore battlefront their rounds. Its mad scenarios like these, in accession to the amusing chat that accomplish this blur adamantine not to like.

But 90 account is too continued for a spoof. The jokes tend to get repetitive in the film's additional bisected and the activity begins to wane. Fifteen account shorter, and a few indulgences less, this ability accept been an amazing watch.

In its accepted anatomy though, it's still a butt of laughs. I'm activity with three out of bristles and a thumbs up for administrator Shashanka Ghosh's Quick Gun Murugun. If all you're attractive for is a airy time at the movies, again accept me, this is Good Fun Murugun.

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