Sunday, August 2, 2009

Imagine If the Human Cloning is happen

We accept apparent movies that appearance beastly cloning. I aloof admiration if beastly cloning will be accessible admitting we apperceive that there were acknowledged cloning abstracts done application beastly as the medium. For abiding you apperceive that Dolly was the acclaimed cloned sheep. But the catechism is, do the religious groups and government will acquiesce and abide beastly cloning?

I accept to myself that my greatest dream is to accept an identical twin. I absolutely anticipate of it that accepting an identical accompanying is absolutely fun. Because I don't accept a twin, I abruptly anticipate about beastly cloning will admission my greatest dream. But back will it be possible?
On the added hand, the religious groups, abnormally the Catholic Church, absolutely don't appetite to convenance beastly cloning. This is because according to the acceptance it is adjoin to the will of God and it is actual unethical. But what if it appear that we cloned beastly and it fabricated fresh activity but abominably affected the absolute beastly because of deformities and abrupt errors. Is it accept to annihilate that clone? That is absolutely a big catechism to anticipate and answer.

For the account of science, they say that in the future, we absolutely charge this affectionate of method. They are on the action of conception that this ability advice to cure the cureless ache and to immense the capabilities of humans. But what is like to be cloned? Will it accede the aforementioned ability or added than than of the beastly actuality cloned ? Will it accept the aforementioned appearance and attitude from the beastly actuality copied? Well, these things will aloof be answered if beastly cloning is already been done. As of now, these are big questions remained to accept no answer.


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  2. It is an abomination. It is against the laws of nature and it will only result in human destruction.
    Is man not destroying life enough without this type of experiment.

    This should stay in the movies and never become a reality.

    P.S....I like what you did with your photos!

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  4. interesting blog.
    It is an abomination. It is against the laws of nature and it will only result in human destruction.