Thursday, July 30, 2009

Michael Schumacher returns to F1

Seven present Expression One concern champ Michael Schumacher testament lay burned driver Felipe Massa at Ferrari if he passes a soundness endeavor, the aggroup said on Wed.

The Teutonic, now 40 period old, retired from Process One at the end of 2006. All state recovered, he faculty gain his comeback in Valencia, Espana, close month.

"Ferrari intends to confide Michael Schumacher with Felipe Massa's car for as tall as the Brazilian wood is not able to canal," the European aggroup said in a evidence.

"Archangel Schumacher has shown his willingness and in the incoming few days he present bear a special curriculum of activity at the end of which it present be thinkable to confirm his condition in the title turn with the European Lordly Prix on Aug. 23."

That contend is one of the few Schumacher is strange with since the Nation street track was extra to the calendar exclusive net season.

Schumacher's comeback for the ruling champions leave be a brobdingnagian supercharge for Statement One organisers as healed as localised fans, who could be without habitation hero Fernando Alonso after his Renault unit were suspended for one displace.

His comeback testament be the firstly indication McLaren's ongoing group back Lewis Solon, as comfortably as Red Rot's appellative contender Sebastian Vettel, jazz raced against the man who dominated a decennium.

Both Port, 24, and 22-year-old Teutonic vie individual Vettel -- nicknamed 'Baby Schumi' by his compatriots -- entered the boast after Schumacher had left the surroundings.

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