Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bull Kills Young Man at Pamplona

A Romance man was fatally gored by a fake at the San Fermín celebration in Pamplona on Fri, the freshman much accident in 14 geezerhood at the circumstance, where crowds of grouping displace a narrow pedagogy each farewell alongside a crowd of bulls. Magistrate Jimeno Romero, 27, was gored after he tripped neighboring an 1,135-pound center, which had begun charging grouping. An amateur video of the programme shown on the Land telecasting steer Cuatro showed Mr. Jimeno toppling and then trying to rush blate low a wooden obstacle when he was gored. Mr. Jimeno suffered wounds to his aorta and larboard lung, according to the authorized San Fermín Web position, and died at a infirmary. The decisive goring was the 15th since 1924, when records were honours kept. The antepenultimate.


  1. it's a accident but accident that is made by their self....So be carefull my friends :)

  2. oh my! it's horrible to know that he was killed by a bull.

  3. Don't 'play' with animals...Treat them properly...